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No. 37 (December 2021)

Dominic Abrams on his latest research into trust
David Cannadine reflects on an extraordinary four-year term

CONTENTS (45 pages)

No. 36 (December 2019)

James Raven on the business of books
Sarah Worthington on law in business

CONTENTS (60 pages)

No. 35 (Spring 2019)

Annabel Tremlett on new ways of seeing Roma people
Ash Amin on the British Academy’s international vision

CONTENTS (72 pages)

No. 34 (Autumn 2018)

Includes: Rana Mitter on understanding China
Giving business a purpose beyond profit
Artificial intelligence and the future of work
Hew Strachan on First World War Commemorations

CONTENTS (60 pages)

No. 33 (Summer 2018)

A festival of ideas for curious minds
The long history of working at home
The power of shared reading
Why agriculture is at the root of Syria’s problems
David Cannadine and Mary Beard reflect on civilisation(s)

CONTENTS (52 pages)

No. 32 (Spring 2018)

Tackling slavery in modern business
Dominic Abrams on understanding what holds societies together
When Dawn Adès met Salvador Dalí
Tim Ingold on a new vision for anthropology
The Sergei Skripal affair in context

CONTENTS (44 pages)

No. 31 (Autumn 2017)

What’s over the horizon for UK research collaboration in Europe?
Meet the new President: David Cannadine
History lessons from Robert Frost about unions, nations and states
The lure of the Anglosphere
Ian Diamond on the skills we need

CONTENTS (60 pages)

No. 30 (Summer 2017)

Colin Mayer on making business fit for purpose.
Nicholas Stern on understanding change
Hermione Lee on bad behaviour in biography
Stefan Collini on the vision of James Bryce
The hype about ‘neural plasticity’
The different portrayals of India

CONTENTS (64 pages)

No. 29 (January 2017)

Academic books: A special issue
Richard J Evans on Europe’s century of power
Steve Smith and Catherine Merridale on writing the Russian Revolution
David Hand on how his new book measures up
Twelve months of influential and prize-winning books
So what does the future hold for the academic book?

CONTENTS (56 pages)

No. 28 (Summer 2016)

Linda Colley on why constitutions matter
Uta Frith on what autism tells us about our social nature
Marina Warner on stories as thought experiments in times of turmoil
Tackling corruption – finding out what really works
Who are the Zoroastrians?
Learning Latin – now and then

CONTENTS (64 pages)

Issue 27 (February 2016)

Includes: Music, history and cultural identity in West Africa
The generation behind the 1916 Easter Rising
Making sense of the headlines

CONTENTS (76 pages)

Issue 26 (Summer 2015)

Includes: New discoveries in British Renaissance art
Meeting Hitler’s biographer
How terrorists learn

CONTENTS (68 pages)

Issue 25 (February 2015)

Includes: Sculptural treasures of Roman London
The importance of international engagement
The other Bletchley Park story

CONTENTS (56 pages)

Issue 24 (Summer 2014)

Includes:  Defining a thousand years of medieval British writing.
Growing older, slowing down?
Abolishing modern slavery
The importance of soft power
A 250-year-old cache of unopened letters
A First World War hospital for officers

CONTENTS (72 pages)

Issue 23 (February 2014)

Eleven perspectives on how the humanities and social sciences enrich our lives.
Eleven Fellows of the British Academy in conversation

CONTENTS (72 pages)

Issue 22 (Summer 2013)

Includes:  A century of art history scholarship.
The future of the Union
History in the Third Reich
Environmental NGOs in court
Keynes and the British Academy
The roots of Christian fundamentalism

CONTENTS (82 pages)

Issue 21 (January 2013)

The Fruits of Research in the humanities and social sciences
Eating fruit and vegetables
Revolutionary generation in Ireland
The right to housing

CONTENTS (72 pages)

Issue 20 (Summer 2012)

Includes:  Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa in conversation.
Celebrating women in the humanities and social sciences
What is wrong with our financial services sector?
Winston Churchill and the British Academy

CONTENTS (52 pages)

Issue 19 (January 2012)

Includes David Cannadine: Gladstone’s Home
400 years of sacred English
Al-Qaeda now
Policing ourselves
The stories the Greeks have told themselves
Electoral registration

CONTENTS (64 pages)

Issue 18 (Summer 2011)

Includes: Thoughtfulness and the law
Language diversity
Tipping points
Environmental change
Prizing the past

CONTENTS (52 pages)

Issue 17 (March 2011)

Includes: Medieval scenes.

CONTENTS  (64 pages)

This issue shows the activities of the British Academy contributing to policy and other topical issues.

There are also a range of articles with a medieval theme – drawing both on the British Academy’s ‘Medieval Week’ held in November 2010, and on the rich variety of longstanding British Academy Research Projects that produce resources for the study of medieval history.

The issue concludes with some appreciations of the value of humanities and social sciences subjects.

Issue 16 (October 2010)

Includes features on Identities. Also: Government spending.

CONTENTS (40 pages)

This issue shows scholarship shedding light on a range of policy and other topical issues.

Issue 15 (March 2010)

Includes: Electoral systems. Also: The family.

CONTENTS  (52 pages)

The articles in this issue illustrate how humanities and social science scholarship contributes to a wide range of topical issues, either through direct contributions to public debate, or through intriguing parallels.

Issue 14 (November 2009)

Includes features on November 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Also: Military interventions since the end of the Cold War

CONTENTS  (60 pages)

This issue displays a wide range of scholarship supported by the British Academy.

The opening articles illustrate the stronger role that the British Academy is playing in public debates and policy-making - through its Forums, through the research it funds, and now through its recently launched Policy Centre.

Then there are articles offering different perceptions of late 20th-century history - including the dramatic events that changed Eastern Europe 20 years ago.

The remaining articles reflect the work that the Academy supports in the study of different aspects of culture, whether of another time and place, or closer to home.

Issue 13 (June 2009)

Includes features on the Politics of Energy. Also: The Politics of Peace, and Reflections on British politics

CONTENTS  (56 pages)

The articles under the heading ‘Reflections on British politics’ consider the different forces and traditions that have held sway during the last 100 years, and ask where British political culture is now headed.

The ‘Politics of energy’ section publishes the texts of three lectures given in 2008-2009, which examine how our demand for energy impacts so forcefully on the political agenda, and which explore the solutions and constraints facing decision makers.

The three articles headed ‘Politics of peace’ show British Academy-funded researchers engaging with some of the most sensitive areas of conflict in the world, and offer valuable perspectives for those trying to broker peaceful settlements.

Issue 12 (January 2009)

Includes features on Latin America and the Caribbean - before the Incas; the slums of Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia; Mexico City’s Metro; British Caribbean migrants in Cuba

CONTENTS  (64 pages)

Issue 11 (July 2008)

Includes articles on the Credit Crunch; the effectiveness of smoking bans; why humans aren’t just great apes

CONTENTS  (48 pages)

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