British Academy Review, Issue 13, June 2009

07 Apr 2016
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This issue of the British Academy Review addresses a range of political topics. The articles under the heading ‘Reflections on British politics’ consider the different forces and traditions that have held sway during the last 100 years, and ask where British political culture is now headed. The ‘Politics of energy’ section publishes the texts of three lectures given in 2008–2009, which examine how our demand for energy impacts so forcefully on the political agenda, and which explore the solutions and constraints facing decision makers. The three articles headed ‘Politics of peace’ show British Academy-funded researchers engaging with some of the most sensitive areas of conflict in the world, and offer valuable perspectives for those trying to broker peaceful settlements.

You may download the whole issue, or click on the links below for individual articles.

Reflections on British politics

The Strange Career of British Democracy
Martin Kettle

The ‘Winter of Discontent’ in British Politics
Hugh Pemberton and Lawrence Black

The Voluntary Sector in British Society
Pat Thane

The politics of energy

UK Civil Nuclear Energy: What Lessons?
Roger Williams, with additional thoughts by Richard Wilson, and a timeline prepared by Robert Bud and Peter Hennessy

How Green Politics Went Mainstream
Crispin Tickell

Middle Eastern politics and oil
Mark Allen

The politics of peace

Public Opinion, Public Diplomacy and Peace Making
Colin Irwin

Democracy in Palestine and the Middle East Peace Process
Michelle Pace

Restorative Justice on Trial: Reconciliation in Kosovo through the Reconstruction of Serbian Orthodox Heritage
Alice Forbess

Africa’s secret success story: Cape Verde
Bruce Baker

Thinking Around the Box: The Work of the Bentham Project

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