British Academy Book Prize for Global Cultural Understanding

The British Academy Book Prize, worth £25,000, is awarded annually for a non-fiction book that promotes global cultural understanding.

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Legal aspects of memory

New article in the Journal of the British Academy

In this article, the authors describe the commissioning, publication, and contents of a report on legal aspects of memory. The report was the result of a unique collaboration between the Psychology and Law ‘Sections’ of the British Academy that brought together the contributions of memory and legal experts from both inside and outside the Academy. The report briefly summarises psychological research on memory and is designed to be of practical value to busy legal and criminal justice professionals.

New Open Access British Academy Monographs

Publishing news

The British Academy continues to publish Open Access monographs that showcase the work of outstanding early career researchers. New titles include The Birth of Psychological War: Propaganda, Espionage, and Military Violence from WWII to the Vietnam War, by Jeffrey Whyte; Comparing the Worth of the While in Fiji and Finland, by Matti Eräsaari; and Media, Religion, Citizenship: Transnational Alevi Media and Its Audience, by Kumru Berfin Emre.

Now available: Proceedings of the British Academy ebooks

Publishing news

In a further bid to expand the accessibility of our publications we are now publishing ebooks of selected titles. Volumes now available as ebooks include Theoretical Linguistics in the Pre-University Classroom, edited by Alice Corr and Anna Pineda; Judicial Independence Under Threat, edited by Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos and Yvonne McDermott; and Imagining Andrew Marvell at 400, edited by Matthew C. Augustine, Giulio J. Pertile, Steven N. Zwicker. Titles that are available as ebooks can be purchased from your preferred ebook retailer.

British Academy SHAPE Observatory

Bringing independence, authority and objectivity, the SHAPE Observatory monitors the health and development of the humanities and social sciences

The COVID Decade

Historic and Geographic Patterns of Health Inequalities

Evidence report

In November 2021, the British Academy, in partnership with the Academy of Medical Sciences, convened a roundtable on geographic and historic patterns of health inequalities in the UK. The roundtable followed a request from the UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) in June 2021 to explore the geographic factors associated with historically poorer public health outcomes over the last 200 years.

The COVID Decade: understanding the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19

Evidence report

The British Academy was asked by the Government Office for Science to produce an independent review on the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19. This report outlines the evidence across a range of areas, building upon a series of expert reviews, engagement, synthesis and analysis across the SHAPE research community. It shows that COVID-19 has generated a series of social, economic and cultural effects which will have long-term impacts.

Shaping the COVID decade: addressing the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19

Policy report

The British Academy has undertaken the substantial task of beginning to answer the longer-term question about what the societal impacts of COVID-19 will be and how we address them. This report sets out an interrelated set of nine areas of long-term impact, seven strategic policy goals and five key principles of a facilitative policy environment for 2030. We aim here to provide decision-makers with a sense of how to start to respond to these longer-term impacts based on the current evidence, and how to shape the COVID decade.

Global Challenges Research Fund policy briefings

The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is a £1.5 billion fund that supports researchers seeking to address challenges faced by developing countries and forms part of the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA). The GCRF addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The British Academy runs programmes through the GCRF that are challenge-led and interdisciplinary.

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