British Academy Monographs

Books by outstanding British Academy-supported early career scholars.

Since 1998 the British Academy has produced a series of monographs that has provided an excellent publishing opportunity and showcase for British Academy-supported early career researchers (now including British Academy Postdoctoral Fellows, British Academy Newton International Fellows, and British Academy / Wolfson Fellows). 

If you are interested in publishing a monograph with us, please see our guidelines for proposing a British Academy Monograph.

Volumes are published by Oxford University Press.
Some older volumes are available from Oxbow Books.

For Librarians: British Academy Monographs published from 2003 onwards are included in British Academy Scholarship Online, usually within six months of print publication. Since mid-2022, British Academy Monographs have been published open access.


Childhood in Liberal Theory: Equality, Difference, and Children’s Rights, by Nicolás Brando
ISBN 978-0-19-726776-9 hbk 2024 available from OUP £90 and as open access

Reading the Margins of the Early Modern Bible, by Ezra Horbury
ISBN 978-0-19-726767-7 hbk 2024 available from OUP £76 and as open access

Music, the Market, and the Marvellous: Parisian Féerie, 1864–1900, by Tommaso Sabbatini
ISBN 978-0-19-726773-8 hbk 2024 available from OUP £90 and as open access

Memes, Monsters, and the Digital Grotesque, by Cristina Moreno-Almeida
ISBN 978-0-19-726771-4 hbk 2024 available from OUP £90 and as open access

Just Prospering? Plato and the Sophistic Debate about Justice, by Merrick Anderson
ISBN 978-0-19-726766-0 hbk 2024 available from OUP £76.00 and as open access

Female Servants in Early Modern England, by Charmian Mansell
ISBN 978-0-19-726758-5 hbk 2024 available from OUP £108.00 and as open access

Nations Apart: Czech Nationalism and Authoritarian Welfare under Nazi Rule, by Radka Šustrová
ISBN 978-0-19-726763-9 hbk 2024 available from OUP £108.00 and as open access

Lives and Deaths of Werther: Interpretation, Translation, and Adaptation in Europe and East Asia, by Johannes Kaminski
ISBN 978-0-19-726755-4 hbk 2023 available from OUP £55.00 and as open access

The Birth of Psychological War: Propaganda, Espionage, and Military Violence from WWII to the Vietnam War, by Jeffrey Whyte
ISBN 978-0-19-726749-3 hbk 2023 available from OUP £90.00 and as open access

Comparing the Worth of the While in Fiji and Finland, by Matti Eräsaari
ISBN 978-0-19-726748-6 hbk 2023 available from OUP £70.00 and as open access

Prosody in Medieval English and Norse, by Nelson Goering
ISBN 978-0-19-726746-2 hbk 2023 available from OUP £100.00 and as open access

State Communication and Public Politics in the Dutch Golden Age, by Arthur der Weduwen
ISBN 978-0-19-726743-1 hbk 2023 available from OUP £80.00 and as open access

Media, Religion, Citizenship: Transnational Alevi Media and Its Audience, by Kumru Berfin Emre
ISBN 978-0-19-726742-4 hbk 2023 available from OUP £70.00 and as open access

Aum Shinrikyō and Religious Terrorism in Japanese Collective Memory, by Rin Ushiyama
228 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726737-0 hbk 2022 available from OUP £55.00 and as open access

Feminist Transformations and Domestic Violence Activism in Divided Berlin, 1968-2002, by Jane Freeland
240 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726711-0 hbk 2022 available from OUP £75.00 and as open access

Towards a Vigilant Society: From Citizen Participation to Anti-Migrant Vigilantism, by Matthijs Gardenier
220 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726708-0 hbk     2022 available from OUP £55.00 and as open access

Propaganda, Gender, and Cultural Power: Projections and Perceptions of France in Britain c1880-1944, by Charlotte Faucher
270 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726731-8 hbk     2022 available from OUP £65.00

History, Scripture and Authority in the Carolingian Empire: Frechulf of Lisieux, by Graeme Ward
276 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726728-8 hbk     2022 available from OUP £70.00

Complete Gentlemen: Educational Travel and Family Strategy, 1650-1750, by Richard Ansell
312 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726727-1 hbk     2022 available from OUP £75.00

Walled Gardens: Autonomy, Automation, and Art After the Internet, by Cadence Kinsey
264 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726682-3 hbk     2021 available from OUP £85.00

Libertines and the Law: Subversive Authors and Criminal Justice in Early Seventeenth-Century France, by Adam Horsley
432 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726700-4 hbk     2021 available from OUP £90.00

Metaphysics in the Reformation: The Case of Peter Martyr Vermigli, by Silvianne Aspray
176 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726693-9 hbk     2021 available from OUP £60.00

Weaving Histories: The Transformation of the Handloom Industry in South India, 1800-1960, by Karuna Dietrich Wielenga
272 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726673-1 hbk     2020 available from OUP £80.00

Insane Acquaintances: Visual Modernism and Public Taste in Britain, 1910-1951, by Daniel Moore
208 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726675-5 hbk     2020 available from OUP £45.00

A Material History of the Bible, England 1200-1553, by Eyal Poleg
256 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726671-7 hbk     2020 available from OUP £67.00

A Material History of the Bible, England 1200-1553, by Eyal Poleg
256 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726696-0 pbk     2020 available from OUP £28.00

The Tale of al-Barrāq Son of Rawhān and Laylā the Chaste: A Bilingual Edition and Study, by Marlé Hammond
326 pages
ISBN 978-0-19-726668-7 hbk     2020 available from OUP £70.00

Sunnyside: A Sociolinguistic History of British House Names, by Laura Wright
304 pages
978-0-19-726655-7  hbk    2020 available from OUP £55.00

Sunnyside: A History of British House Names, by Laura Wright
304 pages
978-0-19-726715-8  pbk    2020 available from OUP £18.00

Convent Autobiography: Early Modern English Nuns in Exile, by Victoria Van Hyning
416 pages
978-0-19-726657-1  hbk    2019    available from OUP £85.00

Transnational Networking and Elite Self-Empowerment: The Making of the Judiciary in Contemporary Europe and Beyond, by Cristina E Parau
352 pages
978-0-19-726640-3  hbk    2018 available from OUP £75.00

The Myth of Pelagianism, by Ali Bonner
360 pages
978-0-19-726639-7  hbk    2018 available from OUP £80.00

Fighting for France: Violence in Interwar French Politics, by Chris Millington
256 pages
978-0-19-726627-4  hbk   2018 available from OUP £50.00

Parliamentary Elections in Russia: A quarter-century of multiparty politics, by Derek S Hutcheson
346 pages
978-0-19-726628-1  hbk    2018 available from OUP £65.00

Heroic Shāktism: The Cult of Durgā in Ancient Indian Kingship, by Bihani Sarkar
310 pages
978-0-19-726610-6  hbk    2017 available from OUP £75.00

Challenging the Modern: Conservative Revolution in German Music, 1918-1933, by Nicholas Attfield
232 pages
978-0-19-726613-7  hbk    2017 available from OUP £75.00

French Novels and the Victorians, by Juliette Atkinson
436 pages  
978-0-19-726609-0  hbk    2017 available from OUP £85.00
[British Academy Review article by Juliette Atkinson]

Miracles & Murders: An Introductory Anthology of Breton Ballads, by Mary-Ann Constantine and Éva Guillorel
248 pages + 8 plates + music CD
978-0-19-726619-9  hbk    2017    available from OUP £55.00

A Maid with a Dragon: The Cult of St Margaret of Antioch in Medieval England, by Juliana Dresvina
400 pages
978-0-19-726596-3  hbk    2016 available from OUP £80.00
[Blog article by Juliana Dresvina]

Martin Delrio: Demonology and Scholarship in the Counter-Reformation, by Jan Machielsen
452 pages
978-0-19-726580-2  hbk    2015    available from OUP £95.00

Jodocus Badius Ascensius: Commentary, Commerce and Print in the Renaissance, by Paul White
318 pages
978-0-19-726554-3  hbk   2013   available from OUP £75.00

Being and Becoming Kachin: Histories Beyond the State in the Borderworlds of Burma, by Mandy Sadan
526 pages
978-0-19-726555-0  hbk     2013 (now manufactured on demand)        available from OUP £100.00
[Winner of EuroSEAS-Nikkei Asian Review Humanities Book Prize 2015]

Names are Thicker than Blood: Kinship and Ownership amongst the Iatmul, by Andrew Moutu
228 pages
978-0-19-726445-4  hbk    2013 (from 2015, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP £60.00

Before HIV: Sexuality, Fertility and Mortality in East Africa, 1900-1980, by Shane Doyle
452 pages
978-0-19-726533-8   hbk    2013    available from OUP £95.00

Producing Modernity in Mexico: Labour, Race and the State in Chiapas, 1876-1914, by Sarah Washbrook
404 pages
978-0-19-726497-3  hbk    2012    available from OUP £85.00

Vulcan’s Forge in Venus’ City: The Story of Bronze in Venice 1350-1650, by Victoria Avery
526 pages, including 174 pages of plate illustrations
978-0-19-726496-6  hbk    2011    available from OUP £160.00
[Winner of the Premio Salimbeni prize 2012]

Women, Language and Grammar in Italy, 1500-1900, by Helena Sanson
432 pages
978-0-19-726483-6  hbk    2011 (from 2015, manufactured on demand)       available from OUP £90.00

The Lost Woodlands of Ancient Nasca: A Case-Study in Ecological and Cultural Collapse, by David Beresford-Jones
280 pages + 1 plate
978-0-19-726476-8  hbk    2011    available from OUP £60.00
[British Academy Review article by David Beresford-Jones]

Harnessing Fortune: Personhood, Memory, and Place in Mongolia, by Rebecca M Empson
424 pages + 1 plate
978-0-19-726473-7  hbk    2011    available from OUP £80.00

The Lombard League, 1167-1225, by Gianluca Raccagni
246 pages + 1 plate
978-0-19-726471-3  hbk    2010    available from OUP £60.00

Beyond Elegy: Classical Arabic Women’s Poetry in Context, by Marlé Hammond
224 pages
978-0-19-726472-0  hbk    2010    available from OUP £60.00

The Claims of Culture at Empire’s End: Syria and Lebanon under French Rule, by Jennifer M Dueck
286 pages
978-0-19726447-8  hbk    2010, repr 2010 (from 2014, manufactured on demand)   available from OUP £60.00

‘The Horrid Popish Plot’: Roger L'Estrange and the Circulation of Political Discourse in Late Seventeenth-Century London, by Peter Hinds
472 pages
978-0-19726443-0  hbk    2010 (from 2012, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP £85.00

Borderline Citizens: Women, Gender, and Political Culture in Britain, 1815-1867, by Kathryn Gleadle
332 pages
978-0-19-726449-2  hbk    2009 (from 2015, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP £70.00
[British Academy Review article by Kathryn Gleadle]

Credit in Village Society in Fourteenth-Century England, by Chris Briggs
268 pages
978-0-19-726441-6  hbk    2009 (from 2011, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP £60.00

A World Upturned: Commentary on and Analysis of The Dialogue of Ipuwer and the Lord of All, by Roland Enmarch
304 pages
978-0-19-726433-0  hbk    2008    available from OUP £65.00

Becoming Muslim in Mainland Tanzania, 1890-2000, by Felicitas Becker
376 pages
978-0-19-726427-0  hbk    2008 (from 2015, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP £75.00
[British Academy Review article by Felicitas Becker]

Embedded Cosmopolitanism: Duties to Strangers and Enemies in a World of 'Dislocated Communities', by Toni Erskine
292 pages
978-0-19-726437-9  hbk    2008    available from OUP £60.00

The Invention of Altruism: Making Moral Meanings in Victorian Britain, by Thomas Dixon
436 pages
978-0-19-726426-3  hbk    2008 (from 2011, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP £90.00

Rulers, Warriors, Traders, Clerics: The Central Sahel and the North Sea, 800–1500, by Anne Haour
196 pages + 1 plate
978-0-19-726411-9  hbk    2007    available from OUP £45.00

Delivering Justice in Qing China: Civil Trials in the Magistrate's Court, by Linxia Liang
300 pages
978-0-19-726399-0  hbk    2007    available from OUP £60.00

Socialism, Sex, and the Culture of Aestheticism in Britain, 1880–1914, by Ruth Livesey
246 pages
978-0-19-726398-3  hbk    2007 (from 2009, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP £60.00

Anthropological Knowledge, Secrecy, and Bolivip, Papua New Guinea: Exchanging Skin, by Tony Crook
276 pages
978-0-19-726400-3  hbk    2007    available from OUP £60.00

The Life and Travels of Xavier Marmier (1808-1892): Bringing World Literature to France, by Wendy S Mercer
368 pages
978-0-19-726388-4  hbk    2007    available from OUP £70.00

Genocide and Resistance in Hitler's Bosnia: The Partisans and the Chetniks, 1941–1943, by Marko Attila Hoare
400 pages
978-0-19-726380-8   hbk    2006 (from 2009, manufactured on demand)     available from OUP £90.00

Russia and the Eastern Question: Army, Government and Society, 1815–1833, by Alexander Bitis
566 pages
978-0-19-726327-3  hbk    2006 (from 2016, manufactured on demand) available from OUP £110.00

The Justice of Venice: Authorities and Liberties in the Urban Economy, 1550–1700, by James E Shaw
256 pages
978-0-19-726377-8  hbk    2006    available from OUP £60.00

England’s Revelry: A History of Popular Sports and Pastimes, 1660–1830, by Emma Griffin
310 pages
978-0-19-726321-1  hbk    2005 (from 2017, manufactured on demand) available from OUP £65.00
[British Academy Review article by Emma Griffin]

Singing the Village: Music, Memory and Ritual among the Sibe of Xinjiang, by Rachel Harris
250 pages + free music CD
978-0-19-726297-9  hbk     2004    available from OUP £55.00
[British Academy Review article by Rachel Harris]

Popular Piety and Political Identity in Mexico’s Cristero Rebellion: Michoacán, 1927–29, by Matthew Butler
272 pages
978-0-19-726298-6  hbk    2004 (from 2014, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP £60.00

Voicing the Soviet Experience: The Poetry of Ol’ga Berggol’ts, by Katharine Hodgson
214 pages
978-0-19-726289-4  hbk    2003    available from OUP £45.00

The State of the Political: Conceptions of Politics and the State in the Thought of Max Weber, Carl Schmitt and Franz Neumann, by Duncan Kelly
378 pages
978-0-19-726287-0  hbk     2003 (from 2008, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP £80.00

Loyola’s Bees: Ideology and Industry in Jesuit Latin Didactic Poetry, by Yasmin Annabel Haskell
366 pages
978-0-19-726284-9  hbk    2003    available from OUP £75.00
[British Academy Review article by Yasmin Haskell]

Fragments and Meaning in Traditional Song, From the Blues to the Baltic, by Mary-Ann Constantine & Gerald Porter
278 pages
978-0-19-726288-7  hbk    2003     available from OUP £60.00

Huju: Traditional Opera in Modern Shanghai, by Jonathan P J Stock
288 pages
978-0-19-726273-3  hbk    2003     available from OUP £60.00

The Transformation of Coastal Wetlands: Exploitation and Management of Marshland Landscapes in North West Europe during the Roman and Medieval Periods, by Stephen Rippon
348 pages
0-19-726229-5  hbk     2000    out of print

Life on the Amazon: The Anthropology of a Brazilian Peasant Village, by Mark Harris
248 pages
978-0-19-726239-9  hbk    2000     available from Oxbow
[British Academy Review article by Mark Harris]

Great Deaths: Grieving, Religion, and Nationhood in Victorian and Edwardian Britain, by John Wolffe
342 pages + 12 plates
978-0-19-726238-2  hbk    2000     out of print
[British Academy Review article by John Wolffe]

Kuwait, 1950–1965: Britain, the al-Sabah, and Oil, by Simon C Smith
176 pages + 9 plates
978-0-19-726197-2  hbk    1999    out of print

The Cut: Reading Bataille’s Histoire de l’œil, by Patrick ffrench
196 pages
0-19-726200-7  hbk     1999    out of print

The Manuscripts of Early Norman England (c. 1066–1130), by Richard Gameson
208 pages + 24 plates
0-19-726190-6  hbk    1999    out of print

The First John Murray and the Late Eighteenth-Century London Book Trade, by William Zachs
456 pages + 49 plates
978-0-19-726191-0  hbk     1998    out of print

The English Horace: Anthony Alsop and the Tradition of British Latin Verse, by D K Money
416 pages
978-0-19-726184-2  hbk    1998    out of print

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