British Academy Review, Issue 14, November 2009

07 Apr 2016
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Includes features on November 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall
Military interventions since the end of the Cold War

This issue of the British Academy Review displays a wide range of scholarship supported by the British Academy. The opening articles illustrate the stronger role that the British Academy is playing in public debates and policy-making – through its Forums, through the research it funds, and now through its recently launched Policy Centre. Then there are articles offering different perceptions of late 20th-century history – including the dramatic events that changed Eastern Europe twenty years ago. The remaining articles reflect the work that the Academy supports in the study of different aspects of culture, whether of another time and place, or closer to home.

You may download the whole issue, or click on the links below for individual articles.

Rising to the Challenge
Adam Roberts

Two Decades of Military Interventions: Questions of Law, Morality, and Effectiveness
Dominik Zaum

The Global Financial Crisis – Why Didn’t Anybody Notice?
Tim Besley and Peter Hennessy

Towards Polarised Differentiation: Changing Configurations of European Integration
Kenneth Dyson

Reassessing the seventies: the benighted decade
Lawrence Black and Hugh Pemberton

Explaining the Fall of European Communism in 1989
Archie Brown

A Humanist’s Conversation with the 20th Century (Isaiah Berlin, 1909–1997)
James H Billington

Scientific Approaches to the Study of Roman Ports
Simon Keay

New Greek Texts From Oxyrhynchus
Peter Parsons

Ancient Ethiopian Churches in Historical Perspective
David W Phillipson

Islam, Trade and Politics across the Indian Ocean
Ismail Halli Kadi, Annabel Teh Gallop and Andrew Peacock

Celebrating excellence

The Marriage of Philology and Informatics
Brian Vickers

Darwinism, Creative Evolution, and Popular Narratives of ‘Life’s Splendid Drama’
Peter Bowler

Borderline Citizens: Women, Gender, and Political Culture in Britain, 1815–1867
Kathryn Gleadle

Liter8 Lrnrs: Is Txting Valuable or Vandalism?
Clare Wood, Bev Plester and Samantha Bowyer

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