British Academy Review, Issue 8

07 Apr 2016
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The British Academy Review contains articles illustrating the wide range of scholarship promoted by the Academy in its role as the national academy for the humanities and social sciences in the UK. This issue of the Review includes events and activities that took place during the academic year 2003-04. In addition there are articles derived from research that has been sponsored by the Academy through one of its many programmes in aid of scholarship.

‘Betweenness’: The Lives of Latvian Women Migrants
Linda McDowell

Israel’s Soviet Immigrants
Neill Lochery

Ethnic Minority Disadvantages in the Labour Market in Cross-National Perspectives
Sin-Yi Cheung and Anthony Heath

Kabuki-cho Gangsters: Ethnic Succession in Japanese Organised Crime?
Peter Hill

Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator?
Eric Foner

‘The Nation Within’: British India at War 1939-1947
Christopher Bayly

‘A Monster Among Decisions’: Prince Charles’s Journey to Madrid, 1623
Glyn Redworth

Anglo-Scottish Relations
Christopher Smout

Robert Emmet: The Making of a Legend
Marianne Elliott

The Rule of Law in International Affairs
Brian Simpson

The British Constitution in the Twentieth Century
David Butler

The Correspondence of James McNeill Whistler
Nigel Thorp

The Old French Crusade Cycle
Emanuel J Mickel

Christina of Markyate and the St Albans Psalter
Jane Geddes

A Hoard of Votive Bronzes from the Sacred Animal Necropolis at North Saqqara
Paul T Nicholson

Rock Carvings of North and West Europe
John Coles

Hearing Colours and Tasting Words: The Psychology of Synaesthesia
Julia Simner

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