British Academy Review, No. 29, January 2017

12 Jan 2017
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Academic books: A special issue

Richard J Evans on Europe’s century of power
Steve Smith and Catherine Merridale on writing the Russian Revolution
David Hand on how his new book measures up
Twelve months of influential and prize-winning books
So what does the future hold for the academic book?

You may download the whole issue, or click on the links below for individual articles.

Mary Morgan · Editorial

THE ACADEMIC BOOK OF THE FUTURE: Understanding the state of the debate
Marilyn Deegan · Reflections on the ‘Academic Book of the Future’ project
Kathryn Sutherland · How should we read a monograph?
Christina Kamposiori · Five librarians discuss the future of the academic book

TALKING BOOKS: Fellows of the British Academy in conversation
David Hand · Measuring sticks
Richard J Evans in conversation with Ruth Harris · Pursuing power in Europe, 1815–1914
Steve Smith · A long look at the Russian Revolution

Robin Osborne · The impact of Moses Finley

HEARING VOICES: A guide to good listening from the British Academy
Lessons for extraordinary times
Catherine Merridale · On Lenin’s trail

AND THE WINNERS ARE...: Who has won British Academy prizes?
Books that won British Academy prizes in 2016
Carole Hillenbrand · A new introduction to Islam

GLOBAL INSIGHTS: Understanding the world we live in
David Logan · Turkey and the West: Whatever went wrong?

EMERGING PERSPECTIVES: Writing by British Academy-supported early career scholars
The book that has influenced me most in the last 12 months
Nicola Wilson · Broadbrows and book clubs

RESEARCH RESOURCES: Publications from British Academy Research Projects
Projecting the medieval

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Curiosities from the basement
Burnt books: The British Academy and the restoration of two academic libraries

POLICY BRIEFING: Reports helping to shape policy debates
Jamiesha Majevadia · Where We Live Now: An approach to policy and growth that is centred on place

WEB SUPPLEMENT for Academic Book Week 2017
Amartya Sen in conversation with Nicholas Stern about his career and published works, including his new book, Collective Choice and Social Welfare: Expanded Edition

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