British Academy Review, No. 32, Spring 2018

24 Mar 2018
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Tackling slavery in modern business
Dominic Abrams on understanding what holds societies together
When Dawn Adès met Salvador Dalí
Tim Ingold on a new vision for anthropology
The Sergei Skripal affair in context

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THE INTERVIEWS: Portraits of leading humanities and social sciences academics at work
Dominic Abrams
Dawn Adès

VIEWPOINTS: Informed contributions on issues of contemporary concern
Margaret Snowling · Language learning and diversity in society
Jeffrey Howard · Should we ban dangerous speech?
Gerasimos Tsourapas · The peculiar practices of ‘authoritarian emigration states’
John Kay · Ten years after the nationalisation of Northern Rock

GLOBAL INSIGHTS: Understanding the world we live in
Brad Blitz · Tackling modern slavery in modern business

ON TOPIC: Academics discussing their subject areas
Tim Ingold · Why anthropology matters

FROM THE LECTURE HALL: Highlights from the British Academy’s public lectures
John Burnside · Graham Swift’s Waterland as soliloquy of suffering

EMERGING PERSPECTIVES: Writing by British Academy-supported early career scholars
Chris Millington · Scuffles and skirmishes in interwar French politics

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Curiosities from the basement
The British Academy’s seal
The move to a new home at Carlton House Terrace, 1998

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