British Academy Review, No. 36, December 2019

19 Dec 2019
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Selected articles from this issue: 

A compassionate transition to sustainability
Tim O’Riordan and his colleagues in the Learned Society of Wales present the case for a much more compassionate approach in the transitions to a sustainable society co-operating with a resilient Planet Earth

Robots, AI and work: comparing the UK and Norway Caroline Lloyd and Jonathan Payne explore challenges presented by robotics and AI in Norway and the UK

James Raven on the book world of 18th-century London ... and Bishop Pontoppidan's sea monsters

Sarah Worthington on making sense of law in business

Ending impunity and prioritising survivors Christine Chinkin reflect on international attempts to counter the perpetration of sexual violence in armed conflict

The British Academy, and one hundred years of the Union Académique Internationale

Twenty years of the 'British Academy Review'

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