British Academy Review, No. 34, Autumn 2018

01 Nov 2018

Editorial: Averting corporate crises
Colin Mayer issues a call for reform

Reforming business for the 21st century

How can we change the nature of the corporation?
Colin Mayer and Henry Richards outline five levers for government and business to bring about such a major shift

Make purpose operational
David Rodin discusses why the setting of a ‘purpose’ for a corporation is so important

Can corporations contribute directly to social goals?
Peter J. Buckley reveals the web of influences on business to ‘do good’

Lost in detail: setting priorities for corporations in challenging times
Daniela Weber-Rey looks at different approaches being pursued in Europe to restore trust in business

The case for ‘forward compliance’
John Armour encourages firms to anticipate future social harms

The future of the company tax
Mihir A. Desai and Dhammika Dharmapala explore creative ways to overcome the difficulty of collecting tax from corporations

Whose business is prosperity?
Henrietta L. Moore argues that business needs to deliver sustainable prosperity for people and planet

Artificial intelligence and the future of work

Gauging the impact of artificial intelligence on work
Genevra Richardson introduces some analysis undertaken by the British Academy and the Royal Society

Thinking intelligently about artificial intelligence
Margaret A. Boden talks to the British Academy Review about the political and philosophical problems posed by AI

AI, work and ‘outcome-thinking’
Richard Susskind argues that working practices must ultimately serve the needs of customers not workers

Stranded spinsters
Jane Humphries and Benjamin Schneider recall a forgotten case of technological displacement

The interview

Rana Mitter on understanding China – past, present and future


Thomas Aquinas, music composition, education … and (of course) Brexit
Fellows of the British Academy offer us some thoughts

Re-thinking remembrance
Hew Strachan reflects on four years of commemorating the First World War

Exploring frontiers ancient and modern

Aurel Stein’s aerial survey of the Roman Empire’s frontier in Iraq and Jordan, 1938-1939
Karen Syrett draws on the British Academy’s archives to tell a pioneering tale

Revealing Rome’s hidden frontier in eastern Turkey
Timothy Bruce Mitford charts a journey of exploration that has lasted 55 years

Borders at the edge of Europe
Kapka Kassabova talks about the Cold War legacies playing out where Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey meet

From the archive

Celebrating Italian studies: the Serena Medal

Establishing the Arts and Humanities and Research Board, 1998

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