British Academy Review, No. 31, Autumn 2017

11 Nov 2017
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What’s over the horizon for UK research collaboration in Europe?
Meet the new President: David Cannadine
History lessons from Robert Frost about unions, nations and states
The lure of the Anglosphere
Ian Diamond on the skills we need

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Ash Amin · On geese, gold and eggs

THE INTERVIEWS: Portraits of leading humanities and social sciences academics at work
David Cannadine
Ian Diamond

EUROPEAN RESEARCH COLLABORATION AND FUNDING: Understanding what’s at stake for the future
Ash Amin and Philip Lewis · Why Brexit matters for the humanities and social sciences
Colin Crouch · Knowledge beyond frontiers
Simon Goldhill · Interdisciplinary collaborative research in British universities post-Brexit
Anne Fuchs · Borders, Brexit and the Irish academic community
Simon Keay · Connectivity – in the Roman Mediterranean, and in archaeological research
Rachel Griffith · Food choices and public policy

GLOBAL INSIGHTS: Understanding the world we live in
Robert Frost · Unions, nations and states: A historical perspective
Andrew Mycock and Ben Wellings · The Anglosphere: Past, present and future
Gordon Campbell · From the East Midlands to the Middle East

John Bennet · From Grexit to Brexit: A view from Athens

AND THE WINNERS ARE…: Who has won British Academy prizes?
Kayleigh Garthwaite and Claudia Hammond · Telling it like it is
Nayef Al-Rodhan · Understanding global culture – and ourselves

EMERGING PERSPECTIVES: Writing by British Academy-supported early career scholars
Uri Horesh · Language as a reflection of society: Examples from Palestinian Arabic

The British Academy Dining Club, October 1917

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