British Academy Review, Issue 9

07 Apr 2016
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The British Academy Review contains articles illustrating the wide range of scholarship promoted by the Academy in its role as the national academy for the humanities and social sciences in the UK. This issue of the Review includes events and activities that took place during the academic year 2004-05. In addition there are articles derived from research that has been sponsored by the Academy through one of its many programmes in aid of scholarship.

You may download the whole issue, or click on the links below for individual articles.

Islam in Europe: Culture War or Religious Toleration?
Jytte Klausen

Culture and Identity Politics
Adam Kuper

Encountering the ‘true dream’ in Islam: a Journey to Turkey and Pakistan
Iain R Edgar

Soldiers of Democracy: The Great War and African American Culture
Mark Whalan

From Lucy to Language: The Archaeology of the Social Brain
Robin Dunbar

Everybody Counts but Not Everybody Understands Numbers
Brian Butterworth

The Medieval Stained Glass of Wells Cathedral
Tim Ayers

Ancient Pottery on the Web
Donna Kurtz

‘The Age of Ivory’: The Nimrud Project
Georgina Herrmann

English Episcopal Acta
Barrie Dobson

Popular Recreation and the Significance of Space
Emma Griffin

Music among the Sibe of Xinjiang
Rachel Harris

The Contribution of Scholarship to Good Government
Lord Wilson of Dinton

History and the Pensions Crisis
Hugh Pemberton

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