British Academy Review, Issue 15, March 2010

07 Apr 2016
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The articles in this issue illustrate how humanities and social science scholarship contributes to a wide range of topical issues, either through direct contributions to public debate, or through intriguing parallels.

You may download the whole issue, or click on the links below for individual articles.

Elections and Constitutions

How to Choose an Electoral System
Simon Hix, Ron Johnston and Iain McLean

A ‘Professor of Electoral Engineering’: An election campaign in West Bengal
Mukulika Banerjee

New Labour and the British Constitution
Andrew Blick


Financial and Economic Horizon-scanning
Letter by Tim Besley and Peter Hennessy

The Fiscal Challenge
Tim Besley

The Family

Family Policies and Social Science
Simon Griffiths and Lili Hoag

The Evolutionary Anthropology of the Family
Ruth Mace

Risky and Resourceful: Parenting experiences of (ex) offender fathers
Elizabeth Walker

Bride Price, Poverty and Domestic Violence in Uganda
Gill Hague and Ravi K Thiara


Academics, Academies and Public Policy: The Case of the American Health Care Debate
Ted Marmor

Obesity: The Welfare Regime Hypothesis
Avner Offer, Rachel Pechey and Stanley Ulijaszek

Going to War

‘Good Allies’: How Australia and New Zealand entered the Vietnam War
Caroline Page

Reporting the Olympics

The Olympic Games: Imagining a New Media Legacy
Andy Miah and Beatriz Garcia

Newton International Fellowships

Newton International Fellowships
Graham Furniss

Death Tolls and our Perception of Human Fatalities
Christopher Olivola

‘The natives ... enquired what the Spaniards wanted. [They] answered “Food”.’
Dr Rebecca Earle

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