Proceedings of the British Academy 59, 1973

Volume published 1975

The British Academy Annual Report 1972-3
pages 3-56

Presidential Address [Presidential]
Denys Page, pages 57-63

Family Breakdown and Social Policy [Maccabaean]
O R McGregor, pages 65-81

Some Reflections of a Medieval Criminologist [Raleigh]
Ralph B Pugh, pages 83-104

The Poetry of Thomas Gray: Versions of the Self [Chatterton]
Roger Lonsdale, pages 105-123

Some Aspects of the American Short Story [Phillips]
W E Allen, pages 125-140

Tiberius and Pontius Pilate in Ethiopian Tradition and Poetry
E Cerulli, pages 141-158

Shakespeare’s Tragic Fiction [Shakespeare]
Clifford Leech, pages 159-174

Leibniz and Descartes: Proof and Eternal Truths [Dawes Hicks]
Ian Hacking, pages 175-188

The Lion and the Ostrich [Thank-Offering]
Arthur Koestler, pages 189-199

The Justification of Deduction [Philosophical]
M A E Dummett, pages 201-232

The Welsh Latin Chronicles: Annales Cambriae and Related Texts [Rhys]
Kathleen Hughes, pages 233-258

Kition: Mycenaean and Phoenician [Wheeler]
Vassos Karageorghis, pages 259-281

Urban Interaction on the Iranian Plateau: Excavations at Tepe Yahya, 1967–1973 [Reckitt]
C C Lamberg-Karlovsky, pages 282-319

The Poetry of William Collins [Warton]
Arthur Johnston, pages 321-340

Manzoni and the Catholic Revival [Italian]
Carlo Dionisotti, pages 341-353

The Inheritance of Inequalities: Some Biological, Demographic, Social, and Economic Factors [Keynes]
J E Meade, pages 355-381

John Dover Wilson, 1881–1969
Harold Jenkins, pages 383-418

Theodore Wade-Gery, 1888–1972
A Andrewes, pages 419-426

Andrew Browning, 1889–1972
E L G Stones, pages 427-445

Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey, 1903–1972
J Desmond Clark, pages 447-471

Malcolm Guthrie, 1903–1972
Hazel Carter, pages 473-498

Alfred Cyril Ewing, 1899–1973
G R Grice, pages 499-513

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