Philosophical Lectures

A bequest from Miss Henriette Hertz (d. 1913) established a fund that was intended both to support three lecture series, and more generally to enable the Academy to support scholarly research and publication. The Philosophical Lectures were one of the lecture series. The lecture was first delivered in 1914. From 1993 to 2001, the lectures were converted into a series of symposia. The series of single lectures was revived in 2015.

2018 Free to think? Epistemic authority and thinking for oneself, Ursula Coope (text | audio)

2015 ‘We don’t torture’: Moral resolutions, temptation, and the doctrine of double effect, by Richard Holton (text | audio)

Philosophical Symposia

2001 Bayes’s Theorem

1996 Philosophical Logic

1993 Philosophy of Mind

Philosophical Lectures (1960-1991)

1991 Two Types of Naturalism, by T R Baldwin (text)

1990 Advice to Philosophers: Three New Leaves to Turn Over, by Edward Craig (text)

1989 Honour Among Thieves, by Martin Hollis (text)

1988 Consciousness and Content, by Colin McGinn (text)

1987 Understanding Logical Constants: A Realist’s Account, by Christopher Peacocke (text)

1986 Philosophy and Philosophy Of, by J R Lucas (text)

1985 Facts and Certainty, by Crispin Wright (text)

1984 Knowledge, Truth, and Reliability, by Simon Blackburn (text)

1983 Self-Creation, by Jonathan Glover (text)

1982 Criteria, Defeasibility, and Knowledge, by John McDowell (text)

1982 Ceasing to Exist, by Peter Winch (text)

1981 The Theory of Descriptions, by T J Smiley (text)

1979 The Possibility of Prediction, by D H Mellor (text)

1978 Prudence, Morality and the Prisoner’s Dilemma, by Derek Parfit (text)

1976 Truth, Invention, and the Meaning of Life, by David Wiggins (text)

1975 Probability — The One and the Many, by L Jonathan Cohen (text)

1974 Times, Beginnings and Causes, by G E M Anscombe (text)

1973 The Justification of Deduction, by M A E Dummett (text)

1972 In Defence of Objectivity, by Mary Hesse (text)

1971 Intention and Uncertainty, by H P Grice (text)

1970 Morality and Art, by Philippa Foot (text)

1969 What’s Really Wrong with Phenomenalism? by J L Mackie (text)

1968 The Objects of the Five Senses, by J O Urmson (text)

1966 Imagination and the Self, by Bernard Williams (text)

1965 Some Problems about Time, by P T Geach (text)

1964 Predicting and Deciding, by David Pears (text)

1963 Descriptivism, by R M Hare (text)

1962 Freedom and Resentment, by P F Strawson (text)

1961 The Metamorphosis of Metaphysics, by John Wisdom (text)

1960 On the Sources of Knowledge and of Ignorance, by Karl R Popper (text)

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