Albert Reckitt Archaeological Lectures

In 1950 the Academy was invited to take over the administration of the Reckitt Archaeological Trust (established by the late Mr Albert L Reckitt). As well as using the funds to support archaeological research, the Academy's Council also decided to establish a lecture. The lecture was first delivered in 1951.

2019  by Christina Warinner

2016 Burial mounds of Scythian elites in the Eurasian steppe: New discoveries, by Hermann Parzinger (text | audio)

2015 Water, water everywhere – even at Petra, by Susan Alcock (video)

2013 The sanctuary at Keros: Questions of materiality and monumentality, by Colin Renfrew (text | video)

2011 The Idea of Order: Circular Architecture in Prehistoric Europe, by Richard Bradley (audio)

2008 Continuity and Change in a Wessex Landscape, by Barry Cunliffe (text)

2006 Recovering Maya Civilisation, by Norman Hammond (text)

2004 Archaeology in Mesopotamia: Digging Deeper at Tell Brak, by Joan Oates (text)

2002 The Origins of the Civilisation of Angkor, by Charles F W Higham (text)

2000 Aksum: An African Civilisation in its World Contexts, by David W Phillipson (text)

1998 Time as a Clue to Cause? by Lewis R Binford (text)

1996 Early and Medieval Merv: A Tale of Three Cities, by Georgina Herrmann (text)

1995 Kush: An African State in the First Millennium BC, by László Török (text)

1991 Archaeology and Modern Human Origins in Europe, by Paul Mellars (text)

1989 Statesmen or Barbarians? The Western Zhou as seen through their Bronzes, by Jessica Rawson (text)

1987 Farms and Villages in Denmark from the Late Bronze Age to the Viking Period, by C J Becker (text)

1985 Recent Discoveries in Syria: The Excavations at Hamman et-Turkman, by Maurits van Loon (text)

1983 The Study of Winchester: Archaeology and History in a British Town, 1961–1983, by Martin Biddle (text)

1981 Realistic Art in Alexandria, by Nikolaus Himmelmann (text)

1979 The Finds from the Royal Tombs at Vergina, by Manolis Andronikos (text)

1977 Castle-building in Thirteenth-century Wales and Savoy, by A J Taylor (text)

1975 Early Man in the Soviet Union: The Implications of Some Recent Discoveries, by C B M McBurney (text)

1973 Urban Interaction on the Iranian Plateau: Excavations at Tepe Yahya, 1967–1973, by C C Lamberg-Karlovsky

1971 Life and Art in Prehistoric Thera, by Sp Marinatos

1969 Elamite Problems, by Max Mallowan (text)

1967 Aï Khanum on the Oxus: A Hellenistic City in Central Asia, by Paul Bernard (text)

1965 Çatal Hüyük, A Neolithic City in Anatolia, by James Mellaart (text)

1963 Bronze Age Architecture of Anatolia, by Seton Lloyd (text)

1961 The Excavations at Surkh Kotal and the Problem of Hellenism in Bactria and India, by Daniel Schlumberger (text)

1960 The Germanic House in Germany down to Medieval Times, by Gerhard Bersu

1957 The Natufian Culture: The Life and Economy of a Mesolithic People in the Near East, by Dorothy A E Garrod

1955 Roman Britain and Roman Military Antiquities, by I A Richmond

1953 The Economic Approach to Prehistory, by Grahame Clark

1951 William Camden and the Britannia, by Stuart Piggott

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