Thank-Offering to Britain Fund Lectures

In 1965 the proceeds of a ‘Thank-you Britain’ appeal, initiated by the Association of Jewish Refugees, were presented to the British Academy as a token of gratitude from the people who had sought refuge in this country from the oppression of the Nazis. One of the uses of the fund was to hold a series of lectures on topics of current interest.

The Thank-Offering to Britain Fund Lecture was first held in 1966. From 1974 to 1980, each lecturer gave a series of three lectures (subsequently published in book form). The last lecture was delivered in 2004.

2004 The Future of Our Universities, by Lord Moser (text | audio)

2002 Human Rights: Have the Public Benefited? by The Right Honourable Lord Woolf (text)

2000 The Law: an Engine for Trade, by The Right Honourable the Lord Irvine of Lairg (text)

1998 Poverty, Social Exclusion and the British Empirical Tradition, by A B Atkinson

1995 Prosperity, Civility and Liberty: Can We Square the Circle? by Ralf Dahrendorf (text)

1994 Historical Tradition and German War, Hugh Trevor-Roper

1988 The Growth of British Art History and its Debts to Europe, by Francis Haskell (text)

1987 Strategy in the Twentieth Century, by Lord Carver (text)

1985 Between Two Worlds: The Psycho-analytic Psychology of Adaptation, Joseph Sandler

1984 Ireland's British Heritage, Conor Cruise O'Brien

1981 Language and National Consciousness, by Hugh Seton-Watson (text)

1980 Churchill’s Political Philosophy, by Martin Gilbert (book, out of print)

1978 Labour Relations: Heritage and Adjustment, by Sir Otto Kahn-Freund (book, out of print)

1976 Two Theories of Morality, by Stuart Hampshire (book)

1974 The Office of Prime Minister, by Lord Blake (book)

1973 The Lion and the Ostrich, by Arthur Koestler (text)

1972 British Foreign Policy since 1945, by Roy Jenkins (text)

1971 Censorship and the Limits of Permission, by Jonathan Miller (text)

1970 The Role and Character of the Civil Service, by Sir William Armstrong (text)

1969 The Academic Profession, by Eric Ashby (text)

1968 Erosions of Personal Freedom in a Modern Society, by Lord Goodman (text)

1967 The Trade Union and the Common Weal, by Henry Phelps Brown (text)

1966 Of Academic Freedom, by Lord Robbins (text)

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