Mortimer Wheeler Archaeological Lectures

On the proposal of Council a lecture series was established to commemorate the 80th birthday (in September 1970) of Sir Mortimer Wheeler (Secretary of the Academy 1949–1968). The lecture was first delivered in 1971. It was discontinued as a series of single lectures after 1991; the 1992 and 2001 ‘lectures’ were keynote presentations in Academy conferences on archaeological topics.

2001 Urban Sprawl: What is Urbanization and Why does it Matter? by Robin Osborne (text)

1992 Crop Plants and Cannibals: Early European Impressions of the New World, by  Warwick Bray (text)

1991 Hattusha, City of the Gods and Temples: Results of the Excavations in the Upper City, by  Peter J Neve (text)

1990 The Highland Zone: Reaction and Reality 5000 BC-2000 AD, by R J Mercer (text)

1989 Masterpieces of Early and Old Syrian Art: Discoveries of the 1988 Ebla Excavations in a Historical Perspective, by Paolo Matthiae (text)

1987 The SERC Experiment in Science-based Archaeology, by Michael Hart (text)

1986 The Mosque of Tinmal (Morocco) and Some New Aspects of Islamic Architectural Typology, by Christian Ewert (text)

1985 Hallstatt: Dry Bones and Flesh, by F R Hodson (text)

1984 An Interpenetration of Opposites? Pre-Han Bronze Metallurgy in West China, by William Watson (text)

1983 The Ban Chiang Culture in Wider Perspective, by C F W Higham (text)

1982 Cadbury-Camelot: A Fifteen-Year Perspective, by Leslie Alcock (text)

1981 ‘New Men, Strange Faces, Other Minds’: An Archaeologist’s Perspective on Recent Discoveries Relating to the Origins and Spread of Modern Man, by J Desmond Clark (text)

1980 Antecedents of the Indus Civilisation, by F R Allchin (text)

1979 Avaris and Piramesse: Archaeological Exploration in the Eastern Nile Delta, by Manfred Bietak (text)

1978 The Pre-Conquest Boroughs of England, Ninth to Eleventh Centuries, by C A Ralegh Radford (text)

1977 Rome Beyond the Southern Egyptian Frontier, by L P Kirwan (text)

1976 The Dancing Siva in Early South Indian Art, by Douglas Barrett (text)

1975 Britain and Julius Caesar, by Christopher Hawkes (text)

1974 Schliemann’s Troy — One Hundred Years After, by M I Finley (text)

1973 Kition: Mycenaean and Phoenician, by Vassos Karageorghis (text)

1972 Tikal, Guatemala, and Mayan Civilization, by William R Coe

1971 Quarrying in Antiquity: Technology, Tradition and Social Change, by J B Ward-Perkins (text)

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