Maccabaean Lectures in Jurisprudence

This lecture series was endowed by the Maccabaeans society to mark the tercentenary of the Jewish resettlement in England under Cromwell. The lecture was first delivered in 1956.

2019 Who cares? A defence of judicial review, by Susanne Baer (text)

2017 Women, crime and character in the 20th century, by Nicola Lacey (text | audio)

2015 State, society and economy: Perspectives on African constitutions, by Yash Ghai (audio)

2013 Deciding by Default: How Law Makes Things Automatic, by Cass Sunstein (video)

2011 Morality, Law and Normative Conflict, by Peter Cane (audio)

2009 Our Unwritten Constitution, by John Baker (text | audio)

2007 A Minority Opinion? by Baroness Hale of Richmond (text | audio)

2005 The Judges: Active or Passive, by Lord Bingham of Cornhill (text)

2003 The Rule of Law in International Affairs, by Brian Simpson (text)

2001 Reason or Mumbo Jumbo: The Common Law’s Approach to Property, by J W Harris (text)

1999 Judgments, by Lord Mustill

1998 Being Responsible and Being a Victim of Circumstance, by Tony Honoré (text)

1995 The Quest for a Systematic Civil Law, by Peter Stein (text)

1993 Judicial Decisions and Social Attitudes, by The Rt Hon Lord Justice Balcombe (text)

1991 The Codification of Commercial Law in Victorian Britain, by Alan Rodger (text)

1989 Reading Bentham, by William Twining (text)

1987 Can Judges Change the Law? by Lord Mackay of Clashfern (text)

1985 A Bill of Rights for Britain? The Moral of Contemporary Jurisprudence, by J M Finnis (text)

1983 The Search for Principle, by Robert Goff (text)

1981 The New Economic Analysis of Law: Scholarship, Sophistry, or Self-Indulgence, by Guido Calabresi (text)

1977 Political Judges and the Rule of Law, by Ronald Dworkin (text)

1975 The ‘Non-Contractual’ Liability of the European Economic Community, by Lord Mackenzie Stuart (text)

1973 Family Breakdown and Social Policy, by O R McGregor (text)

1971 Orthodoxy and Innovation in the Law of Nations, by C Wilfred Jenks (text)

1968 The Law and the Reasonable Man, by Lord Reid (text)

1965 Obligation and Obedience to Law, by A H Campbell (text)

1962 Two Branches of the Same Stream, Erwin N Griswold (text)

1959 The Enforcement of Morals, Patrick Devlin

1956 The Impact of Statute on the Law of England, Lord Evershed

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