Deceased Fellows

Dr Frederic Raby CB, FBA Year of birth 1888 Year of death 1966 Year elected 1941 Fellowship category UK
Professor Oliver Rackham OBE, FBA Year of birth 1939 Year of death 2015 Year elected 2002 Fellowship category UK
Right Hon Viscount Cyril Radcliffe GBE, PC, FBA Year of birth 1899 Year of death 1977 Year elected 1968 Fellowship category UK
Professor Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown FBA Year of birth 1881 Year of death 1955 Year elected 1951 Fellowship category UK
Professor Ludwig Radermacher FBA Year of birth 1867 Year of death 1952 Year elected 1938 Fellowship category Corresponding
Dr Courtenay Radford OBE, FBA Year of birth 1900 Year of death 1998 Year elected 1956 Fellowship category UK
Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan OM, Hon FBA Year of birth 1888 Year of death 1975 Year elected 1962 Fellowship category Honorary
Professor Dr Stefan Radt FBA Year of birth 1927 Year of death 2017 Year elected 1987 Fellowship category Corresponding
Sir Leon Radzinowicz QC, FBA Year of birth 1906 Year of death 1999 Year elected 1973 Fellowship category UK
Professor Karl Rahner FBA Year of birth 1904 Year of death 1984 Year elected 1974 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Dr Ludwig Raiser FBA Year of birth 1904 Year of death 1980 Year elected 1971 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Alan Raitt FBA Year of birth 1930 Year of death 2006 Year elected 1992 Fellowship category UK
Professor K N Raj FBA Year of birth 1924 Year of death 2010 Year elected 1972 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Pio Rajna FBA Year of birth 1847 Year of death 1930 Year elected 1920 Fellowship category Corresponding
Dr George Ramsay FBA Year of birth 1909 Year of death 1992 Year elected 1990 Fellowship category UK
Sir James Ramsay FBA Year of birth 1832 Year of death 1925 Year elected 1915 Fellowship category UK

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