Deceased Fellows

Professor Ernest Labrousse FBA Year of birth 1894 Year of death 1988 Year elected 1977 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Peter Ladefoged FBA Year of birth 1925 Year of death 2006 Year elected 1992 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor John Laird FBA Year of birth 1887 Year of death 1946 Year elected 1933 Fellowship category UK
Professor Wilfred Lambert FBA Year of birth 1926 Year of death 2011 Year elected 1971 Fellowship category UK
Professor Ann Lambton OBE, FBA Year of birth 1912 Year of death 2008 Year elected 1964 Fellowship category UK
Professor Étienne Lamotte FBA Year of birth 1903 Year of death 1983 Year elected 1970 Fellowship category Corresponding
Revd Professor Geoffrey Lampe FBA Year of birth 1912 Year of death 1980 Year elected 1963 Fellowship category UK
Professor David Landes FBA Year of birth 1924 Year of death 2013 Year elected 1977 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Benno Landsberger FBA Year of birth 1890 Year of death 1968 Year elected 1961 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Robert Lane FBA Year of birth 1917 Year of death 2017 Year elected 1995 Fellowship category Corresponding
Mr Andrew Lang FBA Year of birth 1844 Year of death 1912 Year elected 1906 Fellowship category UK
Professor Cecil Lang FBA Year of birth 1920 Year of death 2003 Year elected 1990 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Stephen Herbert Langdon FBA Year of birth 1876 Year of death 1937 Year elected 1931 Fellowship category UK
Professor Paul Langford FBA, FrHistS Year of birth 1945 Year of death 2015 Year elected 1993 Fellowship category UK
Professor Charles Rockwell Lanman FBA Year of birth 1850 Year of death 1941 Year elected 1930 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Vittorio Lanternari FBA Year of birth 1918 Year of death 2010 Year elected 1988 Fellowship category Corresponding

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