Deceased Fellows

Professor Robert Charles Zaehner FBA Year of birth 1913 Year of death 1974 Year elected 1966 Fellowship category UK
Professor Piotr Zaionchkovski FBA Year of birth 1904 Year of death 1983 Year elected 1973 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Dionysios Zakythinos FBA Year of birth 1900 Year of death 1993 Year elected 1976 Fellowship category Corresponding
Dr Paola Zancani Montuoro FBA Year of birth 1900 Year of death 1995 Year elected 1977 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor George Zarnecki CBE, FBA Year of birth 1915 Year of death 2008 Year elected 1968 Fellowship category UK
Professor Natalie Zemon Davis FBA, CC Year of birth 1928 Year of death 2023 Year elected 1994 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Benjamin Zephaniah Hon FBA Year of birth 1958 Year of death 2023 Year elected 2022 Fellowship category Honorary
Most Hon the Marquess Lawrence John Lumley Dundas Zetland KG, PC, FBA Year of birth 1876 Year of death 1961 Year elected 1929 Fellowship category UK
Professor Viktor Zhirmunsky FBA Year of birth 1891 Year of death 1971 Year elected 1962 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Thadeus Zielinski FBA Year of birth 1859 Year of death 1944 Year elected 1923 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Gunther Zuntz FBA Year of birth 1902 Year of death 1992 Year elected 1956 Fellowship category UK

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