Deceased Fellows

Professor Ernst Badian FBA Year of birth 1925 Year of death 2011 Year elected 1965 Fellowship category UK Emeritus
Dr Cyril Bailey CBE, FBA Year of birth 1871 Year of death 1957 Year elected 1933 Fellowship category UK
Professor David Bailey FBA Year of birth 1917 Year of death 2005 Year elected 1958 Fellowship category UK
Sir Harold Bailey FBA Year of birth 1899 Year of death 1996 Year elected 1944 Fellowship category UK
Dr Anthony Baines FBA Year of birth 1912 Year of death 1997 Year elected 1980 Fellowship category UK
Professor Roland H Bainton FBA Year of birth 1894 Year of death 1984 Year elected 1973 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Dr Kurt Baldinger FBA Year of birth 1900 Year of death 2007 Year elected 1988 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor John Baldwin FBA Year of birth 1929 Year of death 2015 Year elected 1992 Fellowship category Corresponding
Right Hon the Earl Arthur Balfour KG, PC, FRS, OM, FBA Year of birth 1848 Year of death 1930 Year elected 1902 Fellowship category UK
Professor Luigi Balsamo FBA Year of birth 1926 Year of death 2012 Year elected 2000 Fellowship category Corresponding
Dr John Balsdon FBA Year of birth 1901 Year of death 1977 Year elected 1967 Fellowship category UK
Count Ugo Balzani FBA Year of birth 1847 Year of death 1916 Year elected 1904 Fellowship category Corresponding
Dr Caroline Hammond Bammel Bammel FBA Year of birth 1940 Year of death 1995 Year elected 1994 Fellowship category UK
Professor Ofer Bar-Yosef FBA Year of birth 1937 Year of death 2020 Year elected 2005 Fellowship category Corresponding
Mr Eric Arthur Barber FBA Year of birth 1888 Year of death 1965 Year elected 1936 Fellowship category UK
Professor Andrew Barker Year of birth 1943 Year of death 2021 Year elected 2005 Fellowship category UK Emeritus

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