Deceased Fellows

Professor Frederick Lawson FBA Year of birth 1897 Year of death 1983 Year elected 1956 Fellowship category UK
Professor Gabriel Le Bras FBA Year of birth 1891 Year of death 1970 Year elected 1948 Fellowship category Corresponding
M Amable-Charles Franquet Le Comte De Franqueville FBA Year of birth 1840 Year of death 1919 Year elected 1904 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Jacques Le Goff FBA Year of birth 1924 Year of death 2014 Year elected 1998 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor John Le Patourel FBA Year of birth 1909 Year of death 1981 Year elected 1972 Fellowship category UK
Professor Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie FBA Year of birth 1929 Year of death 2023 Year elected 1982 Fellowship category Corresponding
Mr Henry Charles Lea FBA Year of birth 1825 Year of death 1909 Year elected 1909 Fellowship category Corresponding
Sir Edmund Leach FBA Year of birth 1910 Year of death 1989 Year elected 1972 Fellowship category UK
Dr Louis Leakey FBA Year of birth 1903 Year of death 1972 Year elected 1958 Fellowship category UK
Mrs Mary Leakey FBA Year of birth 1913 Year of death 1996 Year elected 1973 Fellowship category UK
Right Hon William Edward Hartpole Lecky PC, OM, FBA Year of birth 1838 Year of death 1903 Year elected 1902 Fellowship category UK
Professor Jean Leclant FBA Year of birth 1920 Year of death 2011 Year elected 1991 Fellowship category Corresponding
Dom Henri Leclercq OSB, FBA Year of birth 1869 Year of death 1945 Year elected 1944 Fellowship category Corresponding
Revd Jean Leclercq OSB, FBA Year of birth 1911 Year of death 1993 Year elected 1969 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Robert Warden Lee FBA Year of birth 1868 Year of death 1958 Year elected 1933 Fellowship category UK
Dr Seng Tee Lee Hon FBA Year of birth 1923 Year of death 2021 Year elected 1997 Fellowship category Honorary

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