Deceased Fellows

Professor Henry Price FBA Year of birth 1899 Year of death 1984 Year elected 1943 Fellowship category UK
Professor Jacob Price FBA Year of birth 1925 Year of death 2015 Year elected 1992 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Harold Arthur Prichard FBA Year of birth 1871 Year of death 1947 Year elected 1932 Fellowship category UK
Dr Robert Pring-Mill FBA Year of birth 1924 Year of death 2005 Year elected 1988 Fellowship category UK
Professor Andrew Seth Pringle-Pattison FBA Year of birth 1856 Year of death 1931 Year elected 1904 Fellowship category UK
Mr Arthur Prior FBA Year of birth 1914 Year of death 1969 Year elected 1963 Fellowship category UK
Professor W Kendrick Pritchett FBA Year of birth 1909 Year of death 2007 Year elected 1974 Fellowship category Corresponding
Sir George Prothero KBE, FBA Year of birth 1848 Year of death 1922 Year elected 1903 Fellowship category UK
Professor Henri-Charles Puech FBA Year of birth 1902 Year of death 1986 Year elected 1970 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Pugliese FBA Year of birth 1900 Year of death 1995 Year elected 1994 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Brian Pullan FBA Year of birth 1935 Year of death 2022 Year elected 1985 Fellowship category UK Emeritus
Dr Louis Claude Purser FBA Year of birth 1854 Year of death 1932 Year elected 1923 Fellowship category UK
Professor Hilary Putnam FBA Year of birth 1926 Year of death 2016 Year elected 1978 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Thomas Puttfarken FBA Year of birth 1943 Year of death 2006 Year elected 2003 Fellowship category UK

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