Deceased Fellows

Sir Karl Popper CH, FRS, FBA Year of birth 1902 Year of death 1994 Year elected 1958 Fellowship category UK
Professor Edith Porada FBA Year of birth 1900 Year of death 1994 Year elected 1977 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Roy Porter FBA Year of birth 1946 Year of death 2002 Year elected 1994 Fellowship category UK
M Georges Posener FBA Year of birth 1906 Year of death 1988 Year elected 1986 Fellowship category Corresponding
Sir Michael Postan FBA Year of birth 1899 Year of death 1981 Year elected 1959 Fellowship category UK
Professor John Percival Postgate FBA Year of birth 1853 Year of death 1926 Year elected 1907 Fellowship category UK
Mr Philip Pouncey CBE, FBA Year of birth 1910 Year of death 1990 Year elected 1975 Fellowship category UK
Professor Roscoe Pound FBA Year of birth 1870 Year of death 1964 Year elected 1940 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Joseph Powell FBA Year of birth None Year of death 2022 Year elected 2001 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Harold Powers FBA Year of birth 1928 Year of death 2007 Year elected 1999 Fellowship category Corresponding
Sir Maurice Powicke FBA Year of birth 1879 Year of death 1963 Year elected 1927 Fellowship category UK
Professor Sigbert Prais FBA Year of birth 1928 Year of death 2014 Year elected 1985 Fellowship category UK
Professor Siegbert Prawer FBA Year of birth 1925 Year of death 2012 Year elected 1981 Fellowship category UK Emeritus
Mlle Claire Préaux FBA Year of birth 1904 Year of death 1979 Year elected 1956 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Allan Pred FBA Year of birth 1936 Year of death 2007 Year elected 2005 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Edgar Prestage FBA Year of birth 1869 Year of death 1951 Year elected 1940 Fellowship category UK

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