Deceased Fellows

Professor Paul Freund FBA Year of birth 1908 Year of death 1994 Year elected 1982 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Ragnar Frisch FBA Year of birth 1895 Year of death 1973 Year elected 1966 Fellowship category Corresponding
Rt Hon Sir Edward Fry GCB, PC, FRS, FBA Year of birth 1827 Year of death 1918 Year elected 1903 Fellowship category UK
Professor Edmund Fryde FBA Year of birth 1923 Year of death 1999 Year elected 1988 Fellowship category UK
Professor Herbert Northrop Frye FBA Year of birth 1912 Year of death 1991 Year elected 1975 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Erik Frykman FBA Year of birth 1919 Year of death 2010 Year elected 1992 Fellowship category Corresponding
Dr Horst Fuhrmann FBA Year of birth 1926 Year of death 2012 Year elected 1983 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Marc Fumaroli FBA Year of birth 1932 Year of death 2020 Year elected 1989 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor David Furley FBA Year of birth 1922 Year of death 2010 Year elected 1990 Fellowship category Corresponding
Dr Frederick James Furnivall FBA Year of birth 1825 Year of death 1910 Year elected 1903 Fellowship category UK

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