Deceased Fellows

M Alfred Foucher FBA Year of birth 1865 Year of death 1952 Year elected 1939 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Alastair Fowler FBA CBE Year of birth None Year of death 2022 Year elected 1974 Fellowship category UK Emeritus
Sir Cyril Fox FBA, MRIA Year of birth 1882 Year of death 1967 Year elected 1940 Fellowship category UK
Mr David Foxon FBA Year of birth 1923 Year of death 2001 Year elected 1978 Fellowship category UK
Professor Herbert Somerton Foxwell FBA Year of birth 1849 Year of death 1936 Year elected 1905 Fellowship category UK
Professor Eduard Fraenkel FBA Year of birth 1888 Year of death 1970 Year elected 1941 Fellowship category UK
Professor Tenney Frank FBA Year of birth 1876 Year of death 1939 Year elected 1934 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Dr Herbert Franke FBA Year of birth 1914 Year of death 2011 Year elected 1994 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Hermann Ferdinand Fränkel FBA Year of birth 1888 Year of death 1977 Year elected 1970 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Henri Frankfort FBA Year of birth 1897 Year of death 1954 Year elected 1954 Fellowship category UK
Rt Hon Lord Oliver Franks OM, GCMG, KCB, KCVO, CBE, FBA Year of birth 1905 Year of death 1992 Year elected 1960 Fellowship category UK
Professor Alexander Campbell Fraser FBA, FRSE Year of birth 1819 Year of death 1914 Year elected 1903 Fellowship category UK
Mr Peter Fraser FBA Year of birth 1918 Year of death 2007 Year elected 1960 Fellowship category UK
Sir James Frazer OM, FBA, FRS Year of birth 1854 Year of death 1941 Year elected 1902 Fellowship category UK
Professor Michael Frede FBA Year of birth 1940 Year of death 2007 Year elected 1994 Fellowship category UK
Revd Professor William Frend FBA Year of birth 1916 Year of death 2005 Year elected 1983 Fellowship category UK

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