Deceased Fellows

Professor Jean Fabré FBA Year of birth 1900 Year of death 1900 Year elected 1970 Fellowship category Corresponding
Revd Andrew Martin Fairbairn FBA Year of birth 1838 Year of death 1912 Year elected 1902 Fellowship category UK
Professor Barker Fairley FBA Year of birth 1887 Year of death 1986 Year elected 1972 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Alison Fairlie FBA Year of birth 1917 Year of death 1993 Year elected 1984 Fellowship category UK
Dr Lewis Richard Farnell FBA Year of birth 1856 Year of death 1934 Year elected 1916 Fellowship category UK
Professor Allan Farnsworth FBA Year of birth 1928 Year of death 2005 Year elected 1995 Fellowship category Corresponding
Revd Dr Austin Farrer FBA Year of birth 1904 Year of death 1968 Year elected 1968 Fellowship category UK
Professor Robert Feenstra FBA Year of birth 1920 Year of death 2013 Year elected 1985 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Charles Feinstein FBA Year of birth 1932 Year of death 2004 Year elected 1983 Fellowship category UK
Professor Dr Karl Gustav Fellerer FBA Year of birth 1902 Year of death 1984 Year elected 1977 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Wallace K. Ferguson FBA Year of birth 1902 Year of death 1983 Year elected 1942 Fellowship category Corresponding
Revd Andreas Jean Festugière OP, FBA Year of birth 1898 Year of death 1982 Year elected 1952 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Heinrich Fichtenau FBA Year of birth 1912 Year of death 2000 Year elected 1988 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Guy Cromwell Field FBA Year of birth 1887 Year of death 1955 Year elected 1948 Fellowship category UK
Professor David Fieldhouse FBA Year of birth 1925 Year of death 2018 Year elected 1996 Fellowship category UK Emeritus
Dr Cecil Fifoot FBA Year of birth 1899 Year of death 1975 Year elected 1954 Fellowship category UK

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