Deceased Fellows

Professor Gaetano De Sanctis FBA Year of birth 1870 Year of death 1957 Year elected 1952 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Ernest de Selincourt FBA Year of birth 1870 Year of death 1943 Year elected 1927 Fellowship category UK
Professor Stanley de Smith FBA Year of birth 1922 Year of death 1974 Year elected 1971 Fellowship category UK
Revd Roland De Vaux OP, FBA Year of birth 1903 Year of death 1971 Year elected 1961 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Francis de Zulueta FBA Year of birth 1878 Year of death 1958 Year elected 1929 Fellowship category UK
Sir William Deakin Hon FBA Year of birth 1913 Year of death 2005 Year elected 1980 Fellowship category Honorary
Professor Ruth Dean FBA Year of birth 1902 Year of death 2003 Year elected 1976 Fellowship category Corresponding
Dr Winton Dean FBA Year of birth 1916 Year of death 2013 Year elected 1975 Fellowship category UK Emeritus
Professor Phyllis Deane FBA Year of birth 1918 Year of death 2012 Year elected 1980 Fellowship category UK
Professor Attilio Degrassi FBA Year of birth 1887 Year of death 1969 Year elected 1958 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Dr Wolfgang Dehn FBA Year of birth 1909 Year of death 2001 Year elected 1973 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Joan DeJean FBA Year of birth None Year of death 2024 Year elected 2020 Fellowship category Corresponding
Abbot Eligius Dekkers OSB, FBA Year of birth 1900 Year of death 1998 Year elected 1990 Fellowship category Corresponding
Père Hippolyte Delehaye SJ, FBA Year of birth 1859 Year of death 1941 Year elected 1920 Fellowship category Corresponding
M Leopold Delisle FBA Year of birth 1826 Year of death 1910 Year elected 1907 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Paul Demiéville FBA Year of birth 1894 Year of death 1979 Year elected 1969 Fellowship category Corresponding

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