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The Academy champions arts, humanities, and social science subjects across all areas of education and training, responding to policy developments and providing insight to Government through our evidence base and analysis.
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The Academy works to support and drive a healthy education ecosystem across our disciplines by monitoring and responding to developments in teaching, pupil and student numbers, pupil and student funding and other important education policy areas.

We promote debate about the future of higher education and the development of a broad and balanced curriculum. We actively monitor the health of our disciplines through observatory work, evidence gathering and responding to data releases around student and qualification numbers. A particular area of focus has been on languages and language learning; strategically important subjects for the future health of the economy and society, but also ones with vulnerabilities throughout the educational pipeline.

Our work also addresses current issues of debate within the higher education sector. We have highlighted the diverse career pathways of graduates from postgraduate research degrees, as well as making the argument for a closer relationship between teaching and research against recent polarising trends.

In addition to higher education, the Academy also conducts work to ensure that arts, humanities, and social science subjects have a strong voice in debates about further education, T Levels, and vocational skills. This work is closely linked to the employment and skills agenda.

We engage with relevant stakeholders in all of our work, in order to promote dialogue, support initiatives, and maintain networks relevant to our disciplines, including of learned societies and subject associations.

British Academy SHAPE Observatory

Bringing independence, authority and objectivity, the SHAPE Observatory monitors the health and development of the humanities and social sciences

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