Deceased Fellows

Professor Christian Snouck Hurgronje FBA Year of birth 1857 Year of death 1936 Year elected 1913 Fellowship category Corresponding
Dr John Hurst FBA Year of birth 1927 Year of death 2003 Year elected 1987 Fellowship category UK
Professor Edmund Husserl FBA Year of birth 1859 Year of death 1938 Year elected 1936 Fellowship category Corresponding
Revd Dr Francis Ernest Hutchinson FBA Year of birth 1871 Year of death 1947 Year elected 1944 Fellowship category UK
Professor Terence Hutchison FBA Year of birth 1912 Year of death 2007 Year elected 1992 Fellowship category UK
Professor Dell Hymes FBA Year of birth 1927 Year of death 2009 Year elected 1991 Fellowship category Corresponding

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