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Details of Academy's engagement with open access issues.
Project status
Publishing, Policy

2020 UKRI Open Access Review: consultation. A response from the British Academy, 29 May 2020

2020 UKRI Open Access Review consultation: a British Academy comment, 14 May 2020 

Open Access and Book Chapters. A report from the British Academy, October 2019

A commentary by the British Academy on cOAlition S’s final version of Plan S, 23 July 2019

A commentary from the British Academy on ‘Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S’, 7 February 2019

Science Europe’s Plan S: making it work for all researchers. A commentary by the British Academy, published 16 November 2018

Open access and monographs: Where are we now? A position paper by the British Academy, published 17 May 2018

Open access journals in Humanities and Social Science
Report of a British Academy Research Project, by Rebecca Darley, Daniel Reynolds and Chris Wickham, published 17 April 2014

Debating Open Access
A collection of eight articles discussing the challenges of open access for the humanities and the social sciences, published 1 July 2013.
Featuring contributions from Rita Gardner, Stuart M Shieber, Chris Wickham, Stephen Curry, Martin Paul Eve, Ziyad Marar, Robin Osborne, Nigel Vincent

Professor Chris Wickham FBA represents British Academy at House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee hearing on Open Access, 16 April 2013

British Academy says implementing open access must be done well, not quickly, 25 February 2013

Open Access to research: British Academy response, 26 July 2012

Open Access: The New Future of Academic Publishing? British Academy panel discussion 12 January 2012

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