Deceased Fellows

Dr Haakon Shetelig FBA Year of birth 1877 Year of death 1955 Year elected 1938 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Peter Shinnie FBA Year of birth 1915 Year of death 2007 Year elected 1999 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Eduard Sievers FBA Year of birth 1850 Year of death 1932 Year elected 1909 Fellowship category Corresponding
Mr Robert Silvers Hon FBA Year of birth 1929 Year of death 2017 Year elected 2013 Fellowship category Honorary
Professor Dr Erika Simon FBA Year of birth 1927 Year of death 2019 Year elected 2001 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Marcel Simon FBA Year of birth 1907 Year of death 1986 Year elected 1985 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Walter Simon CBE, FBA Year of birth 1893 Year of death 1981 Year elected 1956 Fellowship category UK
Professor Alfred Simpson FBA Year of birth 1931 Year of death 2011 Year elected 1983 Fellowship category UK Emeritus
Dr Nagendra Singh FBA Year of birth 1914 Year of death 1988 Year elected 1986 Fellowship category Corresponding
Mr Kenneth Sisam FBA Year of birth 1887 Year of death 1971 Year elected 1941 Fellowship category UK
Mr Theodore Cressy Skeat FBA Year of birth 1907 Year of death 2003 Year elected 1963 Fellowship category UK
Revd Professor Walter William Skeat FBA Year of birth 1835 Year of death 1912 Year elected 1902 Fellowship category UK
Professor Andrew Skinner FBA, FRSE Year of birth 1935 Year of death 2011 Year elected 1993 Fellowship category UK Emeritus
Professor Chris Skinner CBE, FBA Year of birth 1953 Year of death 2020 Year elected 2004 Fellowship category UK
Professor Otto Skutsch Hon FBA Year of birth 1906 Year of death 1990 Year elected 1987 Fellowship category Honorary
Professor David Ansell Slater FBA Year of birth 1866 Year of death 1938 Year elected 1929 Fellowship category UK

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