Deceased Fellows

Mr Benedict Humphrey Sumner FBA Year of birth 1893 Year of death 1951 Year elected 1945 Fellowship category UK
Professor Dr Werner Sundermann FBA Year of birth 1935 Year of death 2012 Year elected 1991 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Robert Super FBA Year of birth 1914 Year of death 1996 Year elected 1990 Fellowship category Corresponding
Dr Humphrey Sutherland CBE, FBA Year of birth 1908 Year of death 1986 Year elected 1970 Fellowship category UK
Sir James Sutherland FBA Year of birth 1900 Year of death 1996 Year elected 1953 Fellowship category UK
Dame Lucy Sutherland DBE, FBA Year of birth 1903 Year of death 1980 Year elected 1954 Fellowship category UK
Lord Stewart Sutherland KT, FBA, FRSE Year of birth 1941 Year of death 2018 Year elected 1992 Fellowship category UK
Revd Professor Henry Barclay Swete FBA Year of birth 1835 Year of death 1917 Year elected 1902 Fellowship category UK
Very Revd Norman Sykes FBA Year of birth 1897 Year of death 1961 Year elected 1951 Fellowship category UK
Sir Ronald Syme OM, FBA Year of birth 1903 Year of death 1989 Year elected 1944 Fellowship category UK
Professor Oswald Szemerenyi FBA Year of birth 1913 Year of death 1996 Year elected 1982 Fellowship category UK

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