Deceased Fellows

Professor Sir Paul Mellars FBA Year of birth None Year of death 2022 Year elected 1990 Fellowship category UK
Mr Paul Mellon Hon KBE, Hon FBA Year of birth 1907 Year of death 1999 Year elected 1994 Fellowship category Honorary
Excmo Don Ramón Menéndez Pidal FBA Year of birth 1869 Year of death 1968 Year elected 1920 Fellowship category Corresponding
Don Marcelino Menéndez Y Pelayo FBA Year of birth 1856 Year of death 1912 Year elected 1909 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Benjamin Dean Meritt FBA Year of birth 1899 Year of death 1989 Year elected 1940 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Reinhold Merkelbach FBA Year of birth 1918 Year of death 2006 Year elected 1986 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Robert Merton FBA Year of birth 1910 Year of death 2003 Year elected 1994 Fellowship category Corresponding
Revd Professor Bruce Metzger FBA Year of birth 1914 Year of death 2007 Year elected 1978 Fellowship category Corresponding
Revd John Meyendorff FBA Year of birth 1926 Year of death 1992 Year elected 1977 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Edward Meyer FBA Year of birth 1855 Year of death 1930 Year elected 1910 Fellowship category Corresponding
M Paul Meyer FBA Year of birth 1840 Year of death 1917 Year elected 1904 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Dr Kazimierz Michalowski FBA Year of birth 1901 Year of death 1981 Year elected 1970 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Georgi Mihailov FBA Year of birth 1900 Year of death 1991 Year elected 1972 Fellowship category Corresponding
Professor Sir Fergus Millar FBA Year of birth 1935 Year of death 2019 Year elected 1976 Fellowship category UK
Sir Oliver Millar GCVO, FBA Year of birth 1923 Year of death 2007 Year elected 1970 Fellowship category UK
Dr Edward Miller FBA Year of birth 1915 Year of death 2000 Year elected 1981 Fellowship category UK

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