Guidelines on our use of colour across multiple applications


Our core colours are black, white and stone. They are used on the majority of materials and applications as flood fills and highlights. We primarily use stone as a highlight and background colour. Our secondary colours add vibrancy and energy across programmes, departments and publications. Individual secondary colours can be attributed to multiple major programmes of work but should never be owned by a single department. No more than one secondary colour should be used at a time, except when creating infographics or diagrams.

Colour stripes in black, white, stone, yellow, green, red and blue

Fellowship purple

Fellowship purple recognises our prestigious Fellows. Purple should replace Stone as the primary accent for all collateral relating to the Fellowship and can be paired with Stone as a secondary colour.

Colour stripes in black, white, purple and stone

Colour values

Colours can be tinted to highlight information and add emphasis in maps, infographics and diagrams. Tints of black can be applied to text to create hierarchy of information. Colour tints should only be used for creating infographics, maps and diagrams and should not be used in any other context. Supplementary colours exist for our special event brands.

Core palette

Black 95% | 60%, 45%, 30%, 15%

C0 M0 Y0 K95 | R39 G39 B39 | #333132

Core palette


C0 M0 Y0 K0 | R255 G255 B255 | #FFFFFF

Core palette

Stone – Pantone 7529 C | 100%, 65%, 35%

C29 M29 Y37 K9 | R165 G144 B126 | #A5907E

Secondary palette

Pantone 7549 C | 100%, 65%, 35%

C0 M32 Y100 K0 | R255 G182 B0 | #FFB600

Secondary palette

Pantone 361 C

C73 M0 Y100 K0 | R69 G172 B52 | #45AC34

Secondary palette

Pantone 485 C | 100%, 65%, 35%

C2 M95 Y95 K0 | R226 G36 B28 | #FE3B1F

Secondary palette

Pantone 299 C | 100%, 65%, 35%

C81 M15 Y0 K0 | R0 G160 B223 | #00A0DF

Fellowship purple

Pantone 5265 C | 100%, 65%, 35%

C84 M80 Y34 K26 | R63 G57 B95 | #3f395f

Summer Showcase orange

Pantone Orange 021C | 100%, 65%, 35%

C0 M79 Y95 K0 | R255 G81 B0 | #FA4D09

Book Prize teal

Pantone 319 C | 100%, 65%, 35%

C67 M0 Y23 K0 | R65 G187 B201 | #41BBC9

Metallic palette

Pantone 877 C (Metallic) / Silver foil

This colour can only be printed as a spot metallic ink and must never be represented in print or online using CMYK or RGB.

Metallic palette

Pantone 871 C (Metallic) / Gold foil

This colour can only be printed as a spot metallic ink and must never be represented in print or online using CMYK or RGB

Infographics palette

Pantone 382 C | 100%, 65%, 35%

C37 M0 Y96 K0 | R194 G213 B0 | #c2d500

Infographics palette

Pantone 675 C | 100%, 65%, 35%

C29 M95 Y17 K0 | R186 G39 B119 | #ba2777


Secondary colours should only be paired with black and white and should never be used together.

Grid of colours in black, white, stone, red, yellow, blue, green, teal, orange and purple


It is our legal requirement to ensure equal access to content regardless of ability. Ensuring sufficient brightness and contrast of written communications on screen is of the up-most importance.

If you are printing black onto a dark colour use a foil or spot varnish to make the design more visible.

If you are unsure if your colour combination offers sufficient contrast, please check using the Snook checker tool.

Please note:

  1. Extra care should be taken when using the following colour combinations. (Shown in Picture 1)
  2. These colour combinations do not offer sufficient brightness or contrast and should never be used for written content on screen. (Shown in Picture 2)
Grid showing colour combinations of white, black, yellow, blue, teal and red
Picture 1
Grid showing colours white, black, stone and purple
Picture 2

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