All rules and guidelines for the way we use the typefaces of the brand


Our brand uses three different typefaces which captures new and old coming together. We communicate in a number of ways and our typefaces need to reflect this.

Examples of typefaces

Founders Grotesk

Founders is a modern cut of a classic typeface. It offers a bold and confident voice and is used across our headlines.

Example of Founders font


Headlines are in Founders Grotesk X-Cond Semi-Bold with tight leading.

Example of Founders Grotesk X-Cond Semi-Bold font


Tiempos is used for quieter moments and refined typesetting. It has a classic aesthetic which captures the heritage of our brand and echoes the serif in the monogram.

Subtitles are typeset in Tiempos Headline Light providing a refined and clear contrast to opening titles.

Example of Tiempos font

Tiempos body copy

Body copy is set in Tiempos Regular, with a wider stroke which helps legibility when setting large areas of type. It's perfect for large areas of text both on screen and printed within books, reports, leaflets and digital assets.

Example of Tiempos Regular font

Good practice and accessibility

Make sure to follow the guides below when setting text at different scales. Leading is set at an appropriate distance to ensure clear legibility, tracking is set at -5 which helps tighten up text.

  1. 30pt Size / 36pt Leading / -5 Tracking
  2. 20pt Size / 26pt Leading / -5 Tracking
  3. 11pt Size / 15pt Leading / -5 Tracking
Example of leading and tracking


Graphik provides a neutral ground to make smaller details accessible and provides a light touch against Founders and Tiempos.

URLs, sign-off information, page numbers, footnotes and credits are all typeset in Graphik Light. This provides a clear difference between body copy and supporting information to help legibility and speed when accessing important text.

Example of Graphik font


This overview demonstrates how the typefaces work together and shows how they should work at different scales.

  1. Founders Grotesk X Condensed
  2. Tiempos Headline Light
  3. Founders Grotesk Semi-bold
  4. Tiempos Text Regular
  5. Graphik Light
Example of typefaces

In use

Examples demonstrate how the typefaces work together and how they should work at different scales.

Example of typefaces
Example of typefaces

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