Leaders in SHAPE

Meet the most influential figures within and beyond academia, shaping the fields of social sciences, humanities and the arts.

SHAPE (Social sciences, humanities & the arts for people and the economy) is a new collective name for those subjects that help us understand ourselves, others and the human world around us.


Bridget Kendall Hon FBA

Former journalist and diplomatic correspondent and Master of Peterhouse College, Cambridge Bridget Kendall joins Aditi Lahiri to discuss her life, career and passion for language learning.

Simon Baron-Cohen FBA

Psychologist and leading expert on autism Simon Baron-Cohen joins Saba Salman to discuss his life, career and latest book 'The Pattern Seekers'.

Tristram Hunt

Director of the V&A and former Labour MP Tristram Hunt joins Conor Gearty to discuss his life and career.

Laura Bates

Bestselling writer and founder of the Everyday Sexism Project Laura Bates joins Conor Gearty to discuss her life and career.

Philippe Sands

Award-winning author, academic and barrister Philippe Sands joins Conor Gearty to discuss his life and career.

Hermione Lee FBA

Literary biographer and academic Hermione Lee joins Conor Gearty to discuss her work and latest book 'Tom Stoppard: A Life'.

Claudia Hammond

Author, broadcaster and psychology lecturer Claudia Hammond joins Dorothy Bishop to discuss her life, career and latest book 'The Art of Rest'.

Gary Younge Hon FBA

Award-winning author, broadcaster, professor and newly elected Honorary Fellow of the British Academy Gary Younge joins Desmond King to discuss his life and career.

Roy Foster FBA

Historian Roy Foster talks to Richard English about his life, career and the making of modern Ireland.

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