Dyslexia: A language learning impairment

by Margaret J. Snowling

14 Apr 2016
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Full text of article by Margaret J. Snowling posted to Journal of the British Academy, volume 2, pp. 43-58.

Abstract: Without the ability to read fluently with comprehension there is a downward spiral of poor educational achievement and career prospects. Dyslexia is therefore a major problem for society and a key question is whether it is possible to intervene early to ameliorate its impact. Studies following the development of children at family-risk of dyslexia reveal that it is associated with language delays and speech difficulties in the pre-school years before reading instruction begins. Literacy outcomes for children depend not only on the risk factors that predispose to reading difficulties but also on protective factors which mitigate the risk. Together current evidence places dyslexia on a continuum with other language learning impairments.

Keywords: Dyslexia, SLI, language learning impairment, reading difficulties, risk studies

Joint British Academy/British Psychological Society Lecture, read 24 September 2013 | video recording

Text printed 2015 in British Academy Lectures 2013-14

Version of article available in British Academy Scholarship Online (HTML)

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