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A multi- and interdisciplinary open access journal publishing articles in the humanities and social sciences. Supplementary issues publish thematic collections of papers, put together by guest editors. The Journal showcases high quality articles associated with the Academy’s own programmes, activities and interests.

Recently posted

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on deaf adults, children and their families in Ghana
Ruth Swanwick, Alexander M. Oppong, Yaw N. Offei, Daniel Fobi, Obed Appau, Joyce Fobi and Faustina Frempomaa Mantey
Posted 25 September 2020

The newspaper man: Michael Andrews and the art of painted collage
Mark Hallett
Posted 4 September 2020

Crossing the divide: promoting confidence in contact in a diverse world
Rhiannon N. Turner
Posted 28 April 2020

Islamophobia and normative sociology
Tariq Modood
Posted 28 April 2020

Shakespeare and the wandering mind
Raphael Lyne
Posted 24 February 2020

Published volumes and supplementary issues

Volume 8 (2020)

Volume 8, supplementary issue 1, A Mediterranean Perspective on European Union and Disunion, edited by Ash Amin (24 February 2020)

Volume 8, supplementary issue 2, Early Childhood Development in the Global South, introduced by Simon Goldhill and Philip Lewis (25 March 2020)

Volume 8, supplementary issue 3, Memories of Violence, edited by Charles Tripp (15 June 2020)

Volume 8, supplementary issue 4, Multidisciplinary perspectives on the child's voice in public policy, edited by Ruth Lister (28 September 2020)

Volume 7 (2019)

Volume 7, supplementary issue 1, Tackling Modern Slavery: Problems and Possibilities, edited by Brad K. Blitz (18 June 2019)

Volume 7, supplementary issue 2, Cities and Infrastructure in the Global South, edited by Caroline Knowles (7 August 2019)

Volume 6 (2018)

Volume 6, supplementary issue 1, Reforming Business for the 21st Century, edited by Colin Mayer (17 December 2018)

Volume 5 (2017)

Volume 4 (2016)

Volume 3 (2015)

Volume 2 (2014)

Volume 1 (2013)

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