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Recently posted

Digital history and born-digital archives: the importance of forensic methods
Thorsten Ries
Posted 1 December 2022

A note on international comparisons of R&D Tax Credit programmes, the inclusion of the humanities and social sciences, and the policy implications
Hasan Bakhski and Ruth Puttick
Posted 8 November 2022

Volume 10, supplementary issue 6, Language, Culture and Society in Postcolonial Angola
edited by Aleida Mendes Borges and Toby Green
Posted 31 October 2022

Facing the challenge of digital sustainability as humanities researchers
Joanna Tucker
Posted 11 October 2022

Tracking the history of words: changing perspectives, changing research
Philip Durkin
Posted 6 October 2022

Volume 10, supplementary issue 5, Foundations of the Future of the Corporation programme report ‘Policy & Practice for Purposeful Business’
edited by Colin Mayer
Posted 26 August 2022

On tackling infrastructure: the need to learn from marginal cities and populations in the Global South
Prince K. Guma
Posted 24 August 2022

From ‘commodity currencies’ to Covid loans: Africa and global inequality, past and present
Toby Green
Posted 24 August 2022

For an anthropology and archaeology of freedom
David Wengrow
Posted 24 August 2022

The transnational study of Italian culture and the ghosts of empire
Charles Burdett
Posted 30 June 2022

Storylistening: a case study in how to include the humanities in evidence provided for public reasoning
Sarah Dillon and Claire Craig
Posted 30 June 2022

Volume 10, supplementary issue 4, Rethinking Multilingualism: Education, Policy and Practice in Africa
edited by Hannah Gibson and Colin Reilly
Posted 21 June 2022

Volume 8, supplementary issue 4, Multidisciplinary perspectives on the child’s voice in public policy
edited by Ruth Lister
Posted 28 September 2020 - 7 June 2022 - now complete

Volume 10, supplementary issue 2, Searching for the Everyday in African Childhoods
edited by Afua Twum-Danso Imoh, Peace Mamle Tetteh and Georgina Yaa Oduro
Posted 1 June 2022

Volume 10, supplementary issue 3, Human Rights Protection and Torture
edited by Steffen Jensen and Tobias Kelly
Posted 10 May 2022

Volume 10, supplementary issue 1, Everyday Peacebuilding and Practices in Kenya, South Sudan, Somaliland and Ghana
edited by Sarah Njeri
Posted 15 March 2022

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