About the Journal of the British Academy

The Journal of the British Academy is a multi- and interdisciplinary open access journal publishing articles in the humanities and social sciences. Supplementary issues publish thematic collections of papers, put together by guest editors. The Journal showcases high quality articles associated with the Academy’s own programmes, activities and interests.

The Journal of the British Academy is a platform for high-quality informed comment by scholars working in the humanities and social sciences, on matters of political, social and cultural interest. It taps new and exciting thinking and research. It provides space for reflection on current scholarship, and the exploration of new areas. It highlights the international range of the British Academy’s interests.

Many articles are derived from the programme of British Academy Lectures, which cumulatively form a unique record of scholarship in the humanities and social sciences.

Journal articles are intended primarily for an academic readership. But because the Journal’s disciplinary range is so broad, across the entire spectrum of the humanities and social sciences, articles should be inclusive and accessible to readers who are not specialists in a particular field.


Articles are published on this Journal website as downloadable PDF files. Each article will be posted once it is ready for publication. Each ‘Volume’ of the Journal is composed of articles that have been posted to the Journal in the course of a calendar year.

There are also ‘Supplementary issues’, the content of each linked by a theme, typically arising from one of the British Academy’s major research programmes.

Open access

The Journal of the British Academy is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


The Journal has two Editors: Professor Dawn Adès FBA (for humanities subjects), Professor Fiona Williams FBA (for social sciences subjects).

Themed supplementary issues have guest editors, working under the general supervision of the Editors.

All articles are reviewed by at least one other independent expert reader.

How to offer of an article, or propose a supplementary issue

Notes to Authors on the preparation of articles for the Journal.

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