Educational research

A multi-year collaboration between the British Academy and the Royal Society seeking to better understand educational research in the UK.
Project status

This programme is a multi-year collaboration between the British Academy and the Royal Society, which has sought to better understand educational research in the UK through a range of different activities including engagement with the research community, a forum and roundtable, as well as commissioning independent research to investigate the educational research landscape.

The first phase of this collaboration culminated in the publication of the report, Harnessing Educational Research. After a pause in the programme caused by the pandemic, the two academies got together again to revisit the project and commissioned a team of researchers at the University of Oxford’s Department of Education to map out the landscape of educational research in the UK. An accessible summary of the findings of this commissioned research is made available here, alongside the full report. The two academies have also co-authored a policy briefing, which takes stock of all of the work in this programme, offers a snapshot of where we are now, and provides some recommendations for government and research funders.

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The Landscape of Educational Research in the UK


The summary and full report of work looking to identify, quantify and map the production of educational research within the UK over a ten-year period.

Investing in a 21st Century Educational Research System


This policy briefing looks at the educational research landscape in the UK, why it is important and how it is a profoundly impactful part of the Research & Development (R&D) landscape.

Harnessing Educational Research


This report assesses the current state of educational research about formal education in schools and colleges up to the age of 18 in the UK and its roles within the broader education ecosystem.

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