The Landscape of Educational Research in the UK

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As part of a multi-year programme of work looking at educational research in the UK, the British Academy and the Royal Society commissioned a study to identify, quantify and map the production of educational research within the UK over a ten-year period. The aim of this exercise was to better understand the size and shape of the educational research sector. The commissioned research team produced a report which mapped key research outputs, funding patterns, main topics, approaches, and dissemination across this ten-year period.

The summary document available to download above provides an accessible summary of the findings of the full report, providing an informative picture of the educational research landscape. It contains data on the largest funders of educational research in the UK; annual mean grant funding income; and the most common topics of research. It also brings out some of the report’s key qualitative insights on the strategic direction of the discipline, its wider profile and sustainability.

The full commissioned report is also available for download.

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