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The publication of the results of Research Excellence Framework 2021 (REF2021) marks an important moment for institutions and researchers, as this constitutes the principal mode of research assessment in the UK, and one that only occurs every few years. This presents an opportunity for the research community to take stock of what has happened over recent years, and to recognise the achievements and successes of research across the UK.

Due to the long timeframe between research assessment exercises, there are always changes to observe and digest, as the institutions and researchers involved will have been through considerable transformation during the period. This is especially pronounced in the context of a delayed REF2021, covering a period that has been subject to a global pandemic and associated ramifications for the academic community.

Data provided through the publication of REF2021 results constitutes an extensive body of data. The British Academy is seeking to maximise the value that can be generated from this evidence as well as using the Academy’s own community of Fellows to reflect upon the experience.

This is an evolving programme of work. Evidence, analysis and events will be updated and shared through this page as this programme of work develops.

The SHAPE of Research Impact: key messages

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