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Purpose Summit, 22-24 June

With the resilience of business and society tested to the limit by the COVID-19 pandemic, our assumptions around the roles of business, investors and government are shifting. The Purpose Summit will provide a platform for policymakers, business leaders, investors and civil society to share ideas to transform business behaviour at this pivotal time.

Past events

27 November 2019: Launch of Principles for Purposeful Business

21 March 2019: Birmingham University

14 March 2019: Cardiff University

6 February 2019: Nottingham University

31 January 2019: Leeds Business School

28 January 2019: Edinburgh University and Edinburgh Futures Institute

21 January 2019: Queens University Belfast

21 November 2018: Association Manchester University Business School

1 November 2018:Launch of Reforming Business for the 21st Century Research

6 September 2018: Why does ownership matter for the future of the corporation?

3 July 2018: The future of corporate governance: how can business make corporate governance fit for purpose?

18 May 2018: Academics and business leaders discuss how to make businesses more sustainable and responsible

20 March 2018: The Future of the Corporation: law and AI

20 February 2018: “No obligation, no responsibility, no liability” – can we adapt limited liability for the future?

7 November 2017: What role do businesses have in engaging with civil society?

5 October 2017: The path to good work - breakfast briefing

28 September 2017: Future of the Corporation launches

13 July 2017: Changing climate for business - breakfast briefing

7 July 2017: Different ways of working: reforming employment law, tax and social security for the 21st century

19 June 2017: The role of corporate codes of ethics in building trustworthiness - breakfast briefing

25 May 2017: The rise of freelance work

2 March 2017: Wall Street and Main Street: dilemmas for management strategy

24 January 2017: Trust, trustworthiness and transparency - breakfast briefing

1 December 2016: Towards an inclusive economy: why company purpose holds the key - breakfast briefing

3 March 2015: Reinventing the corporation - Professor Colin Mayer FBA

External links

Onora O'Neill FBA’s TED talk - what we don't understand about trust

Philosopher Baroness Onora O'Neill FBA thinks we are perverting trust. Considering how much stock we put into trust and assessing trusting attitudes, it's something we don't really understand, argues O'Neill. What we really need, she says, is not trust -- but trustworthiness

Better business, better world

Greater sustainability can help businesses overcome global burdens to growth and deliver trillions in new market value. This report also identifies actions business leaders can take to capture their share of the prize and set the world on the path to a sustainable, inclusive economy.

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