Corporate Advisory Group

The Future of the Corporation Corporate Advisory Group is a group of senior business leaders that meet regularly to consider the research developments of the project and advise on future plans.  They provide a direct insight into the latest thinking within a range of businesses, including finance and investment, law, retail, energy, technology, pharmaceuticals, consulting and professional services.  They challenge and advise, helping to ensure that the approach of the project and the research are grounded in the challenges facing business and society.

Corporate Advisory Group

Mohamed Amersi

Cyrus Ardalan

Julia Balogun

Mike Barry

Eric Benedict

Beatrice Bondy

Omar Cordes

Emma Cox

Juliet Davenport

David Davies

Timothy Devinney

Richard Gillingwater

Bethan Grillo

Hans-Christoph Hirt

Ingrid Holmes

David Jackson

Ken Lever

Mark Lewisohn

Warner Mandel

Colin Mayer FBA

Terry McNulty

Peter Norris

Lucy Parker

James Perry

Stuart Roden

Carine Smith Ihenacho

Lorne Somerville

Marc St John

Mohammad Kamal Syed

Simon Thompson

Phillip Ullmann

Daniela Weber-Rey

Harlan Zimmerman

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