The British Academy is committed to conducting regular internal reviews, organising consultations, and commissioning independent evaluations of its funding programmes to ensure that they are meeting the needs of researchers and providing opportunities for their career progression and personal ambitions.

Depending on the outcome of these reviews, we make adaptions to the content and structure of our current portfolio of grants, programmes and fellowships as well as exploring the potential for new ones.

Independent evaluations commissioned

In 2018 we commissioned independent evaluations of our BEIS-funded Postdoctoral Fellowships scheme and Mid-Career Fellowship scheme from Cloud Chamber.

Our International programmes Cities and Infrastructure and Writing Workshops were recently evaluated by the Technology Development Group

British Academy Research Career Tracker – proof of concept study

Information regarding the proof of concept study the British Academy has commissioned the Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC) to perform on potential approaches to track career pathways of British Academy-funded researchers.

Small Research Grants scheme

The Technology Development Group conducted an external evaluation of the Small Research Grants scheme in May 2022

Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme

Executive summary of evaluation by Cloud Chamber

Mid-Career Fellowships scheme

Executive summary of evaluation by Cloud Chamber

Cities and Infrastructure

Executive summary of the evaluation report by Technology Development Group

Writing Workshops

Executive summary of the review of the British Academy Writing Workshops programme

Case studies

A selection of case studies from the research we have funded which provide examples of the range of opportunities we offer and the influence and effects of the findings:

Cities & Infrastructure Programme

Case study: Steve Cinderby

Cities & Infrastructure Programme 2017

Case study: Robin Coningham

Cities & Infrastructure Programme 2017

Early Childhood Development Programme

Case study: Sharon Wolf

Early Childhood Development Programme 2017

Mid-Career Fellowship

Case study: Veronica Barassi

Mid-Career Fellowship 2017

Newton International Fellowship

Case study: Tarek Younis

Newton International Fellowship 2016

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Case study: Aldo Elizalde

Postdoctoral Fellowships 2017

Case study: Ruth Herbert

Postdoctoral Fellowships 2012

Senior Research Fellowships

Case study: Chris Armstrong

Senior Research Fellowship 2018

Case study: Michelle Obeid

Senior Research Fellowship 2018

Case study: Sue Vice

Senior Research Fellowship 2019

Small Research Grants

Case study: Christian Darko

Small Research Grants 2018

Case study: Morven McEachern

Small Research Grants 2017

Visiting Fellowships

Case study: Rachel Koopmans

Visiting Fellowships 2018

Case study: Sam Lutalo-Kiingi

Visiting Fellowships 2018

Wolfson Research Professorship

Case study: Hasok Chang

Wolfson Research Professorship 2017

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