Past Presidents of the British Academy

The Presidents of the British Academy from 1902 to the present day.

1902–07  The Rt Hon Lord (Donald) Reay
1907–09  Sir E Maunde Thompson
1909–10  Mr S H Butcher
1911–13  Sir Adolphus W Ward
1913–17  The Rt Hon Viscount (James) Bryce of Dechmont
1917–21  Sir Frederic G Kenyon
1921–28  The Rt Hon (Arthur) the Earl of Balfour
1928–32  The Rt Hon H A L Fisher
1932–36  Dr J W Mackail
1936–40  Sir W David Ross (British Academy obituary)
1940–46  Sir John H Clapham
1946–50  Sir Harold I Bell (British Academy obituary)
1950–54  Sir Charles K Webster
1954–58  Sir George N Clark (British Academy obituary)
1958–62  Sir C Maurice Bowra (British Academy obituary)
1962–67  Lord (Lionel) Robbins (British Academy obituary)
1967–71  Sir Kenneth C Wheare (British Academy obituary)
1971–74  Sir Denys L Page (British Academy obituary)
1974–78  Sir Isaiah Berlin (British Academy obituary)
1978–81  Sir Kenneth Dover (British Academy obituary)
1981–85  The Revd Professor W O Chadwick
1985–89  Lord (Randolph) Quirk (British Academy obituary)
1989–93  Sir Anthony Kenny
1993–97  Sir Keith Thomas
1997–2001  Sir Tony Wrigley
2001–05  Viscount (Garry) Runciman of Doxford
2005–09  Baroness O’Neill
2009–13  Professor Sir Adam Roberts
2013–17 Baron (Nicholas) Stern of Brentford

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