Schweich Lectures on Biblical Archaeology

A highly regarded forum on the archaeology, history, languages and literature of the Biblical world.

In 1907, in memory of her father Leopold, Miss Constance Schweich endowed a fund ‘devoted to the furtherance of research in the archaeology, art, history, languages and literature of Ancient Civilisation, with reference to Biblical Study’. One fruit of the fund was the foundation of this lecture series. The lectures were first delivered in 1908.

The three papers given by each lecturer are published together in book form. The Schweich Lectures are a highly regarded forum on Biblical Archaeology: the popularity of these volumes has remained undiminished over the years and there have been many reprintings.

Volumes are published by Oxford University Press.
Some older volumes are available from Oxbow Books.

2022. Ancient Synagogues in Palestine: A Re-evaluation Nearly a Century After Sukenik's Schweich Lectures, by Jodi Magness
120 pages
9780197267653 hbk    2024 available from OUP    £76.00 and as open access

2019. The Dead Sea Scrolls as archaeological artefacts, by George J Brooke
(not yet published; event information)

2016. Re-excavating Jerusalem: Archival Archaeology, by Kay Prag
166 pages
978-0-19-726642-7  hbk    2018 available from OUP    £35.00
(original lectures audio)

2013. Levantine Epigraphy and History in the Achaemenid Period (539-332 BCE), by André Lemaire
152 pages
978-0-19-726589-5  hbk    2015 available from OUP    £40.00

2010. Religion, Language and Community in the Roman Near East: Constantine to Muhammad, by Fergus Millar
200 pages
978-0-19-726557-4  hbk    2013 available from OUP    £45.00

2008. The Schweich Lectures and Biblical Archaeology, by Graham Davies
82 pages + 12 plates
978-0-19-726487-4  hbk    2011 available from OUP    £25.00

2007. The Ugaritic Texts and the Origins of West Semitic Literary Composition, by Dennis Pardee
160 pages + 5 plates
978-0-19-726492-8  hbk    2012 available from OUP    £45.00

2004. Ashkelon, Seaport of the Canaanites and the Philistines, by Lawrence Stager
(not yet published; event information)

2001. Idols of the People: Miniature Images of Clay in the Ancient Near East, by P R S Moorey
94 pages + 12 plates
978-0-19-726280-1  hbk    2003 (from 2014, manufactured on demand) available from OUP    £25.00

1998. Symbol Systems of Ancient Palestine, in the Light of Scarabs and Similar Seal-amulets, by Othmar Keel
(not yet published)

1995. Translating the Bible: The Ethiopic Version of the Old Testament, by Michael A Knibb
158 pages
978-0-19-726194-1  hbk    1999 out of print

1992. Ancient Interpretation of Sacred Books, by Henry Chadwick
44 pages
978-0-85672-587-6  pdf (276kb)    2009 free download here

1989. The Bible in the Syriac Churches, by S P Brock

1986. The Variable Spellings of the Hebrew Bible, by James Barr
252 pages
0-19-726068-3  hbk    1989    out of print

1984. Mari and the Early Israelite Experience, by Abraham Malamat
176 pages + 8 plates
0-19-726072-1   hbk     1989    out of print
978-0-19-726117-0  pbk    1992 (from 2004, manufactured on demand) available from OUP    £25.00

1983. Nebuchadrezzar and Babylon, by D J Wiseman
160 pages + 8 plates
0-19-726040-3  hbk    1985, repr 1997    out of print
978-0-19-726100-2  pbk    1991, repr 1995, 2004 (from 2011, manufactured on demand) available from OUP    £20.00

1977. Manuscript, Society and Belief in Early Christian Egypt, by Colin H Roberts
100 pages
978-0-19-725982-5  hbk    1979 (from 2006, manufactured on demand) available from OUP    £40.00

1976. Some Aspects of Hittite Religion, by O R Gurney
88 pages + 9 plates
978-0-19-725974-0  hbk    1977 (from 2005, manufactured on demand) available from OUP    £40.00

1974. Mari et l’Ancien Testament, by André Parrot

1972. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, by Charles Coüasnon
76 pages + 28 plates
978-0-19-725938-2  hbk    1974 (from 2005, manufactured on demand) available from OUP     £40.00

1970. Hazor, by Yigael Yadin
236 pages + 36 plates
978-0-19-725925-2  hbk    1972 (from 2005, manufactured on demand) available from OUP      £55.00

1967. Ethiopia and the Bible, by Edward Ullendorff 
186 pages 
0-19-725904-9  hbk    1968, repr 1983    out of print 
978-0-19-726076-0  pbk    1988, repr 1989, 1992, 1997, 2006, 2009, 2013 available from OUP      £16.99

1965. Mari, Ugarit, Hamath: Archaeological Contributions from Ancient Syria to the Old Testament, by Harald Ingholt

1963. Amorites and Canaanites, by Kathleen M Kenyon
96 pages + 30 plates 
978-0-19-725895-8  hbk    1966 (from 2005, manufactured on demand) available from OUP     £85.00

1961. Social Organisation of Pre-Islamic South Arabia, A F L Beeston

1959. L’Archéologie et les Manuscrits de la Mer Morte, by Roland de Vaux 
124 pages + 38 plates + 4 charts 
0-19-725881-6  hbk    1961    out of print 

1959. Archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls, by R de Vaux
160 pages + 38 plates + 4 charts
978-0-19-725931-3  hbk    1973, repr 1977 (from 2005, manufactured on demand) available from OUP      £45.00

1957. Une collection de Paroles de Jésus récemment découverte: L’Évangile selon Thomas, by H-C Puech

1955. Assyria and the Old Testament, by M E L Mallowan

1953. Les Araméens, by A Dupont-Sommer

1951. The Original Form of the Old New Testament, by G D Kilpatrick

1950. The Phoenicians, by A M Honeyman

1949. Les Archives de Mari dans ses Rapports avec l’Ancien Testament, by Georges Dossin

1948. From Joseph to Joshua: Biblical Traditions in the Light of Archaeology, by H H Rowley 
214 pages 
978-0-19-725857-6  hbk    1950, repr 1951, 1952, 1958, 1964, 1970 (from 2005, manufactured on demand) available from OUP     £45.00

1947. The Contribution of Demotic to the Study of Egyptian History, by S R K Glanville

1946. The Text of the Epistles: A Disquisition upon the Corpus Paulinum, by G Zuntz 
314 pages + 1 chart 
978-0-19-725860-6  hbk    1953 (from 2005, manufactured on demand) available from OUP     £60.00

[The 1908–1943 & 1945 Lectures, originally published by the British Academy through Oxford University Press, were reprinted in 1980 by Kraus]

1945. Ideas of Divine Rule in the Ancient East, by C J Gadd
hbk    1948    out of print

1944. Semitic Writing, from Pictograph to Alphabet, by G R Driver
hbk    1948    out of print
Revised Edition    0-19-725852-2  hbk    1954    out of print

1944. Semitic Writing, from Pictograph to Alphabet, by G R Driver. Newly Revised Edition, edited by S A Hopkins
296 pages + 66 plates
978-0-19-725917-7  hbk    1976 (from 2005, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP     £70.00

1943. The Poem of Job: A Literary Study with a New Translation, by William Barron Stevenson
hbk    1947    out of print

1942. Some Hellenistic Elements in Primitive Christianity, by Wilfred L Knox
hbk    1944    out of print

1941. The Cairo Geniza, by Paul E Kahle
hbk    1947     out of print

1940. Isaiah Chapters XL–LV: Literary Criticism and History, by Sidney Smith
hbk    1944     out of print

1939. The Hebrew Bible in Art, by Jacob Leveen
hbk    1944    out of print

1938. The Work of the Chronicler: Its Purpose and its Date, by Adam C Welch
hbk    1939    out of print

1937. Early Churches in Palestine, by J W Crowfoot
hbk     1941     out of print

1937. The Cuneiform Texts of Ras Shamra-Ugarit, by Claude F A Schaeffer
hbk    1939    out of print

1935. The Origins of Early Semitic Ritual, by S H Hooke
hbk    1938    out of print

1934. Archaeological History of Iran, by Ernst E Herzfeld
hbk    1935    out of print

1933. Babylonian Menologies and the Semitic Calendars, by S Langdon
hbk    1935    out of print

1932. Recent Developments in the Textual Criticism of the Greek Bible, by Frederic G Kenyon
hbk    1933    out of print

1931. Ancient Hebrew Social Life and Custom as Indicated in Law, Narrative and Metaphor, by R H Kennett
hbk    1933    out of print

1930. Ancient Synagogues in Palestine and Greece, by E L Sukenik
hbk     1934    out of print

1929. A Comparative Study of the Literatures of Egypt, Palestine, and Mesopotamia: Egypt’s Contribution to the Literature of the Ancient World, by T Eric Peet
hbk    1931     out of print

1928. The Old and New Testaments in Muslim Religious Art, by Thomas W Arnold
0-19-725849-2  hbk    1932    out of print

1927. The Apocalypse in Art, by Montague Rhodes
0-19-725854-9  hbk    1931    out of print

1926. Palestine in General History, by Theodore H Robinson, J W Hunkin & F C Burkitt
hbk    1929    out of print

1925. The Religion of Ancient Palestine in the Light of Archaeology, by Stanley A Cook
hbk    1930    out of print

1924. Kings of the Hittites, by David George Hogarth
hbk    1926    out of print

1923. The Samaritans: Their History, Doctrines and Literature, by Moses Gaster
hbk    1925    out of print

1922. Campaigns in Palestine from Alexander the Great, by Israel Abrahams
0-19-725848-4  hbk    1927    out of print

1921. The Relations between Arabs and Israelites prior to the Rise of Islam, by D S Margoliouth
hbk    1924     out of print

1920. The Septuagint and Jewish Worship: A Study in Origins, by H St John Thackeray
hbk    1921    out of print
Second Edition    hbk    1923    out of print

1919. Lectures on the Apocalypse, by R H Charles
hbk    1922, repr 1923    out of print

1918. The Hittites, by A E Cowley
hbk    1920    out of print

1917. Israel’s Settlement in Canaan: The Biblical Tradition and its Historical Background, by C F Burney
hbk     1918    out of print

1916. Legends of Babylon and Egypt in relation to Hebrew Tradition, by Leonard W King
pbk   1918   out of print
hbk (‘2nd imp’)    1918    out of print

1915. The Text of the Old Testament, by Édouard Naville
hbk    1916    out of print

1914. Une Communauté Judéo-Araméenne à Éléphantine, en Égypte, aux VIe et Ve Siècles av. J.-C., by A van Hoonacker
hbk    1915    out of print

1913. Jewish and Christian Apocalypses, by F Crawford Burkitt
hbk    1914    out of print

1912. The Relations between the Laws of Babylonia and the Laws of the Hebrew Peoples, by C H W Johns
hbk    1914    out of print

1911. The Philistines: Their History and Civilization, by R A Stewart Macalister
hbk    1913    out of print

1910. The Early Poetry of Israel in its Physical and Social Origins, by George Adam Smith
0-19-725858-1  hbk    1912    out of print

1909. The Composition of the Book of Isaiah in the Light of History and Archaeology, by Robert H Kennett
hbk    1910    out of print

1908. Modern Research as illustrating the Bible, by S R Driver
0-19-725851-4  hbk    1909, repr 1909 (4 times), 1912, 1922    out of print

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